City to Go @ HIIG

How can the Smart Citizen co-create urban mobility?

Ubiquitous digitization is increasingly transforming urban life in all its aspects and Smart City technologies promise unlimited efficiency to urban mobility solutions. It is however worth reflecting on why digitally supported and automated negotiation concerning, amongst others, mobility does not necessarily equal objective and fair decision-making.

Engaging with the latest developments at the interface between cities and digital technology, City to Go is part of City Making Lab by Hybrid Space Lab in cooperation with Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

City to Go
19.00-20.30, 15 July 2019
Registration (fully booked)

Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society


Hille Bekic, Member of the Board of the Architektenkammer Berlin
Victoria Dykes, Ideation & Prototyping Lab Technology Foundation Berlin
Ingo KolloscheIZT – Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment
Heiko RintelenFixMyBerlin


Benjamin Knödler, der Freitag