New Silk Road, Portal to World Imagination on the East-West, facilitates the re-imagination of the cities along the Silk Road (One Belt One Route), refreshes the dialogue in an era of (post) modernity and fabricates spaces for cross-imagination.

Imagination is the prime source of knowledge, and in the late thirteenth centuries, the Italian voyager Marco Polo, wrote a half-documented and half-imagined travelogue, titled “Dong Fang Jian Wen Lu” (The Oriental Discovery), during his voyage to the Orient in the Yuan Dynasty. This inspired the Spanish navigator, Columbus’ re-imagination of China, to set sail and begin his sea adventures. With ideal and reality, illusion and delusion all in one, Columbus “discovered” a new continent, the North America in 1492.

9 September-3 October 2017

Xi’an Art Museum

CLASH is a sculpture and an urban social tool. It consists of a social space and of a shelter simultaneously protecting and threatening it. CLASH contains a (symbolic) table with tables, a place to meet, to sit, to work, to exchange and to play as well as a shelter that functions also as a landmark of CLASH.

CLASH refers to the clash of the systems represented in the urban surroundings and functions as a social tool for the neighborhood. CLASH is made out of elements that are to be transformed and expanded by inhabitants, artists and tourists of XI’an.

The futuristic and utopian installation CLASH embraces a social space and a shelter. The installation CLASH is presented as a participatory open space for the public to communicate and acknowledge the visiting culture which can stimulate the host culture to respond with actions of adaptation and appropriation, conflict and complexity where stabilizers and dynamics, continuities and discontinuities, and harmonic-flow and fault-lines of cultural development are synchronically embodied as integral parts of our daily operation and urban experience. This is a CLASH, a double cultural collision.

10 September 2017

@ Xi’an Art Museum