GRÜNtopia @ MakeCity

Green & The City

MakeCity the Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives in Berlin brings together architect, planners, civic groups and developers in a citywide conversation on thinking and making city differently.

MakeCity in 2018 builds upon the discourse on urban commons and new urban landscapes. Cities dealing with the effects of climate change are already having to rethink their public spaces in fundamental ways. Where intermittent flooding transforms a public square into a shallow lake, landscape architects are already remixing their classical designs for parks and recreation spaces and develop new hybrid forms.

Heavy rains, storms, and floods – cities worldwide are confronted with the effects of global climate change. Ecology and infrastructure must, therefore, be conceived of holistically, and the city understood as a climate conditioning machine. New techniques and construction methods are just as essential as the planning of green spaces. In Germany, more than 66 hectares of grey infrastructure – i.e. areas for traffic and housing developments – are constructed daily. However, a sustainable city also requires green infrastructure. What new hybrids can determine a more harmonious interplay between urban infrastructures and the limited nature that surrounds them?”

Discussion Panel
14.00-16.00, 16 June 2018

@ MakeCity Festivalzentrum
Tschechisches Zentrum
Wilhelmstraße 44, Berlin


Jon Goodbun, Royal College of Art


Florian Boer, Environmental Designer, De Urbanisten
Duzan Doepel, Founding partner of Doepel Strijkers
Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, Founder & Managing Director of Creative Climate Cities
Lola Meyer, A24 Landschaft
Hannes Schwertfeger, Bureau Baubotanik
Elisabeth Sikiaridi, Founder of Hybrid Space Lab