Hybrid Notations


Featuring designers, architects, urbanists, landscape architects, environmental planners, musicians, software and hardware engineers and media artists, the workshop was focused on notations of hybrid space. By mixing fields and combining expertise’s, the workshop addressed urban environments in their hybridity and complexity.

A series of selected urban situations in Torun, will functioned as case studies to the workshop. These urban spaces were considered in their multiplicity of dimensions: the physical and built space, the social space of use and of encounter, the imaginary space of urban narratives, the layered space of the networked media communication, the fluid acoustic space, the ghost space of history, the 5-dimensional space of the future… These spatial multiple dimensions were not considered separately and in isolation but in their superimpositions and fusions, i.e., space was addressed in its hybrid condition.

31 March-3 April 2011

@ Centre of Contemporary Art “Znaki Czasu”

What connects Erika Biingera, John Grzinicha, Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar?
Where did the idea that the first and last edition of the magazine P + K Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun were in issue of “glissando” dedicated to the music in a public space?

The answer is a long-term project and open formula, which Zastal initiated in 2009 by the curators [Daniel Muzyczuk, Agnieszka Pindera, Joanna Zielinska & Krzysztof Gutfrański curator of the P + K 2010-11 in Toruń institutions with the aim of local social-łecznościach. ROOM WITH KITCHEN located on the ground floor CSW is then keep your SCEM-discussions, concerts and artistic action, which also operates the point of informal meetings with friends and space education. This is an area generally accessible and free admittance, which can also be rented free of charge on the organization of events consistent with the established policy line, as well as the place where played out at least a few heated discussions on the condition of Torun culture. Referring to the life of the P+K, we wanted to emphasize the seemingly obvious fact that space art institutions is a public space. This theme we made repeatedly through various in ydarzeń. an element worth mentioning is the fact that this space is broadening the field of action-art business of the institution of experimental music and social activities. Escaping from the solemn atmosphere of the exhibition halls, we tried to create a place democratized-tion distribution of knowledge. Enjoying the hospitality of “glissando” present action the last-one months, which were workshops and lectures under the title hybrid notations, led by Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar, as well as the seventh edycjallowych Map Time John Grzinicha. Both of these projects have explored FOR IN space city, analyzing its a variety of dimensions (the space a natural, architectural and historical dimension of social usefulness of data-go place, network communications media, volatility acoustic space, it cli. the texts them a summary accompanies conversation with Edek Biingerem, who for his best so far realization is considered just work public space.