Jungle Magic


Bertus Bouman published an article about the Humboldt Forum and the controversial plan to rebuild the Berlin city palace in Germany.

Bertus Bouman
15 September 2017

@ duitslandnieuws.nl

This Dutch professor wants to transform the controversial city palace Berlin into a jungle.

Wo ist Feuer sonder Rauch,
Wo ist Leben sonder Streit?

Not that they will admit it, but many Germans love conflict. This is, for example, very visible, in the rebuilding of the City Palace in Berlin.
Around the building, to be completed in 2019, various heated debates rage.

Until a Dutch professor came along with a very bold plan.
Journalists of Der Tagesspiegel and DER ZEIT see a solution the proposal by Professor Frans Vogelaar.
What this bold plan entails, you can read here. In any case, it has everything to do with the travels of Alexander von Humboldt.