A two week program explores how the VOID in the center of the Embassy’s premises can function as a pleasurable communication space by playing, dancing, lounging, exchanging, enjoying.

Press Conference
18.00-19.00 15 June 2018

Alexander von Humboldt
Humboldt Volcano

Studio Talk
Reading, Presentation, and Discussion
Language: German
MakeCity Festival
19.30-21.00 15 June 2018

Open for Public
9.30-22.00 16 June-1 July 2018

@ Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands
Klosterstraße 50


The “playVOID” programm includes a series of events:

Studio Talk” on “Alexander von Humboldt and Humboldt Volcano” as a conversation between the author and journalist, head of cultural affairs section of Tagesspiegel, Rüdiger Schaper, and Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar of Hybrid Space Lab (15-06-2018, 19:30)

Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia”, investigating how to integrate green in dense urban settings, developing ideas for greening the VOID (22-06-2018, 15:00).

Mart Stam Talks” focussing on alternative artistic approaches to creating space (date to be announced).

The courtyard is activated with the help of the experimental “Plug-in” of the “Home not Shelter” initiative.

The “Green Flying Carpet” (HUNK-design/Studio ID Eddy) occupies the terrace as a place making placeholder.