Smart & the City


As a Portal to World Imagination on the East-West, the New Silk Road reimagines and reinvents the cities along the Silk Road. It offers a platform for dialogue in an era of (post) modernity, dealing with the common challenges of East and West and creates spaces for cross-imagination.

“Imagination provides spaces of interpretation and speculation for the unknown; it as such complements a meaningful, holistic approach to the experience. Imagination weaves the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown, initiating an understanding of the world.

Action comes with imagination, voyagers in ancient Xian from the beginning of China’s Han Dynasty (206 BC) to recently have made their ways through mountains and rivers. They overcame all the obstacles, from the West to the Middle Kingdom, or from the Eastern to the Western territories. In their journeys passing through the Gobi desert, voyagers rode along their travelling experiences and the unknown world of imagination”.

The 4 Session of the Silk Road International Art Festival
16 September-3 October 2017

Xi’an Art Museum
Xi’an, Shaanxi

Silk Road International Festival

The annual Silk Road International Festival is an international festival which is hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and Shanxi Provincial People’s Government and organized by the Department of Culture of Shaanxi Province. As an important part of the festival, the International Art Exhibition has been successfully held three times since 2014. The number of participating countries has increased significantly from around 10 to 81 since 2014, and there were 190 artists from 81 countries participating in the Third Silk Road International Art Exhibition in 2016.

Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government

Smart & the City

The Silk Road exhibition at the Xi’an Art Museum re-imagines the cities along the Silk Road. At the fusion of the Urban and the Digital Age, Smart & the City envisions the integration of Smart Technologies and the Urban.

Our world is quickly transforming, driven by climate change, demographic explosion and urban growth. As an infrastructure weaving the East and the West, the exhibition Silk Road creates platforms for addressing common challenges.

The complexity of the global challenges demands co-designing processes, involving society. The exhibition Silk Road creates spaces for cross-imagination between the East and the West, developing tools for a sustainable New Smart Silk Road.