circulariCITY @ Bits & Bäume

Presentation and workshop by Hybrid Space Lab of circulariCITY at the Bits & Bäume 2022 Conference.

Workshop & Presentation

The trans disciplinary workshop and presentation circulariCITY invites participants to reflect and ideate on digital tools for transition towards the Circular City.
The workshop builds on the idea that the urbanisation of technology should address sustainability and that the digital acts as a facilitating technology.

Bits & Bäume 2022 Conference for Digitization and Sustainability

Bits & Bäume connect communities and stands up for political change in the interaction of digitalisation and sustainability.
Digitalisation and sustainability are more present than ever within our society. For the purpose of achieving a fair and sustainable design of our world as well as our environment we are facing big societal and global challenges.

Bits & Bäume wants to stabilse and extend the collaboration between environmental- and social justice activists, technical experts and human rights activists.
In order to find common solutions for the pressing questions of our time one of Bits & Bäume main goals is to initiate networking opportunities for communities and representatives of socially and ecologically oriented small companies, start-ups and founders.
Bits & Bäume discusses major political strategies and governance proposals and learn from each other through best practice examples on how to achieve climate and environmental protection, social justice, democracy and fundamental rights in our digital age.
Bits & Bäume