Internet of Things & Nature

NatureTecture proposes how Internet of Things will merge with green structures in the city.
With the Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Intelligence algorithmically organizing life, society, work and industry, the only question that remains is what will happen with nature. The accelerating developments in nature, bio-technology, technology and architecture are creating a new hybrid architecture.

Lectures, Discussion

14.00-18.00, 9 April 2017

Institute for Unstable Media

International Internet of Things Day explores the concept of IoT and implications for people and society. International Internet of Things Day in Rotterdam explores IoT and the imaginative.

Rob van Kraanenburgintroduction, Rotterdam
Leon van Geest, moderation, Rotterdam
Yvonne Droge Wendel, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
Delfina Fantini van Ditmar, Royal College of Art, London
Usman Haque, Thingful, London
Ben van Lier, Centric, Gouda
Florian HellwigUrland Performance Theatre, Maastricht
Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin