Newsletter June 2018

Hybrid Space Lab is curating Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia which takes place in Berlin on 22 June 2018 and focuses on innovative solutions for integrating green in dense urban situations. Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia is part of the MakeCity Festival 2018. 

Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia addresses a range of aspects of integrating green in dense urban spaces such as livability of cities, climate adaptation, mitigating of the heat island effect, water sensitive urban design, biodiversity, and urban food production.

With a special focus on innovative solutions for integrating green in buildings, Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia develops concepts for greening the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy’s courtyard VOID.

Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia creates an interdisciplinary framework for crossover exchange between Dutch, German, and international experts, creative professionals, engaged citizens and decision makers.

Rüdiger Schaper, author and head of the cultural department of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” presents his biography on Alexander von Humboldt and discusses with us Humboldt Volcano during our Studio Talk @ MakeCity Festival. 

Merlijn Schoonenboom, the Dutch journalist and historian who lives in Berlin, is moderating the conversation between the author Rüdiger Schaper and Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar of Hybrid Space Lab.

“Cities dealing with the effects of climate change are already having to rethink their public spaces in fundamental ways and are already remixing their classical designs for parks and recreation spaces and developing new hybrid forms.”

Humboldt Vulkan by Hybrid Space Lab @ Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Berlin, Germany. Open from 9.30 till 22.00 16 June-1 July 2018, MakeCity Festival 2018