Professor Hybrid Space @ KHM

The Academy of Media Arts (KHM) was founded in 1990 and offers an educational concept, unique within Germany, which brings film, art and science together.

The Academy of Media Arts is a teaching and research institution for media in Cologne, Germany.

Professor for Hybrid Space, Frans Vogelaar @ Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany, 1 April 1998


A new interdisciplinary field of design, researching the transformations of architectural, urban/regional space of the emerging “information age”, explores the dynamic interaction of architecture/urbanism and the space of mass media and communication networks. It develops scenarios for the interplay of public urban and public media space.

The products of these alliances of urban/regional and media networks, of architectural and media space, are bastards: ambivalent spaces that are at the same time analog and digital, tactile and abstract, material and immaterial, expanding hyper-sensuality in the time- and placelessness of media flows. These hybrid spatial morphs act simultaneously in urban (local) and media (global) space and mediate between them, unfolding the undefined space between the local and the global, occupying the vacuum between local place and global space. Within the inversions of identity (communication), within the fluid ever-changing densities in the knitted networks, fused analogue/digital cultures are idensified.


The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to rethink space in a “more-than-human” perspective as a networked interconnected multi-species habitat that considers the humans in their relationship to the global environment, including viruses.

The pandemic-induced lock down creates the necessity to develop new digitally and social-distancing supported public communication spaces, as for large parts of the planetary population the ‘real’ world is and will stay inaccessible and cultural spaces such as exhibitions, museums, conferences, pop-up meetings, workshops and academies are shut down. In this critical situation we have the chance to develop a spatial conceptual approach to support collaborative interactions in order to actively shape these future hybrid (digital and physical) exploratory spaces – and not just the current main mode of collective social contact: the tele-conferencing-formats that have been developed for other purposes.

Examining the relationship of physical spaces with digital and media networks, enables us to explore the potential of hybrid space for artistic research and to develop new cultural formats. By exploring contemporary hybrid spaces in the context of sociopolitical, environmental, climate-related and technological acceleration, this investigation questions and informs the future of cultural space.

related PROJECTS


The international travelling exhibition NatureTecture presents the fields of landscape architecture in all their breadth and relevance.
The exhibition is based on landscape architectural expertise from North Rhine-Westphalia and refers to examples of landscape architecture from NRW.
NatureTecture focuses on those fields of work that will become increasingly important internationally for the design of our living environments and formulates relevant questions for the future.
The NatureTecture exhibition is dedicated to the tasks and instruments of qualifying landscape in the post-industrial age.
The international travelling exhibition on the fields of work of landscape architecture is organized by the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia with the support of the Ministry of Building and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Concept NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 1 September 2009
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects, Düsseldorf, Germany 11 Februar -17 March 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union, Berlin, Germany, 9 June-12 July 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects of Jeollabuk-Do Province (KIRA Jeonbuk), Republic of Korea, 1 September- 4 September 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Building Culture Fair Daejeon 2010, Republic of Korea, 14-19 October 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Architecture and Urbanism Fair Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 3-7 November 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Turkish Chamber of Architects of the Metropolis of Istanbul, Turkey, 26 November-10 December 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ 20th Anniversary of German Reunification, Busan, Republic of Korea, 8-14 December 2010