Hybrid is the Future!

What are engaging, inclusive, and sustainable hybrid formats and spaces for art and culture?

Hybrid Workshop
The Future is not Digital. Hybrid is the Future!
dive in Program for Digital Interaction
13.30 – 18.00, 14 October 2021
Registration Kulturstiftung des Bundes

@ Onsite Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin
@ Online Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Keynote Hybrid Space @ Culture
HoloLabdive in Program for Digital Interaction
16.00 – 17.00, 22 September 2021

@ Online Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Halle an der Saale, Germany

The Future is not Digital.

Hybrid is the Future!

Co-creative Workshop

During the co-creative workshop, we will speculate about hybrid spaces for art and cultural practices. We will experiment with co-creative processes of a hybrid design studio to develop ideas for infrastructures and networks for combined on-site and online co-creation and public engagement and formulate proposals for hybrid modular and mobile systems to engage urban society in co-creation processes.

The workshop refers to several hybrid dimensions of art and culture: on the one hand, to the coming together of creative practices such as painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, performance, video, sound, interactive media, and digital art in one artistic project as post-media art; at the same time, to hybridization as the fusion of cultural creators and consumers, as cultural co-creation in hybrid spaces. Polyphonic hybrid cultures are anchored and embedded in physical spaces, while at the same time they are increasingly disseminated, shaped and negotiated in trans-local digital networks .



The onsite workshop takes place at Hybrid Space Lab: Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, entry A, 10179 Berlin.


The event will be held in compliance with the 2G rules (vaccinated and/or recovered).

Onsite Workshop Session

13:30 – Start of the onsite workshop: Welcome address and short introduction of all participants, introduction to the workshop’s theme, and short guided tour of Hybrid Space Lab.
14:45 – Working in groups onsite.
15:30 – Coffee break.

Online Workshop Session
The online workshop takes place via Zoom.

15:30 – Start of the online workshop with an introductory lecture.
15:50 – Short online presentation of the workshop to all HoloLab participants.
16:00 – Online Q&A session.

Plenary: Onsite + Online
Bringing all onsite and online participants together.

16:10 – Start of the plenary session with a presentation of the results of the on-site groups and discussion together with the online participants.
17:00 – Short break.
17:10 – Wrap up discussion in the plenary session.
17:30 – Closing of the event and networking in the plenary session.
18:00 – End of the hybrid (combined onsite and online) workshop.

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