Startup Energy Transition Festival 2023 @ Berlin

Startup Energy Transition Festival 2023 brings together a global network of innovators shaping the future of energy by start-ups, innovation-driven corporates, investors, & public organisations.

Panel Moderation & Lecture
Building a Sustainable Future: Offsetting Emissions in Smart Cities
Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi
9:50-10:20, 28 March 2023

@ Startup Energy Transition Festival 2023
Westhafen Event and Convention Center

Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi
29 March 2023

@ Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023
Federal Foreign Office


The Startup Energy Transition Festival 2023 takes place alongside the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD), the international conference organized by the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.


How can the different dimensions of sustainable urban transformation, such as sustainable building practices, the integration of renewable energy sources in buildings, sustainable transportation, interact to create more sustainable cities, offsetting emissions in urban environments?

How can data and technology help to optimize energy efficiency in smart cities?

What are examples of strategies and tools for the successful implementation of integrated smart and sustainable solutions to create liveable and resilient cities?

How can economic interests be balanced with and integrated in the implementation of sustainable smart city solutions? And how can the private sector and government work together to drive sustainable smart city development?

How can different actors (among others, city planners and designers) collaborate?
How can we forge cross-sectoral, silo-breaking synergies to drive innovation? And what role do communities and citizens play in this process?

What are the most important challenges and obstacles in implementing sustainable and smart city solutions, and how could they be overcome?


Nikhil Chaudhary, Cities Advisor and Strategic Learning Lead, EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society.
Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT Climate-KIC identifies and supports innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change.
EIT Climate-KIC believes that a decarbonised, sustainable economy is not only necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change, but presents a wealth of opportunities for business and society.


Rushad Nanavatty, Managing Director Urban Transformation, Third Derivative at RMI

Third Derivative at RMI is an open, collaborative climate tech ecosystem that accelerates startups and moves markets.
By guiding and supporting climate tech entrepreneurs who are bringing new ideas and innovation to market, we accelerate the clean future worldwide. Through a vast global network of deep experts, corporate partners, and investors, Third Derivative help startups go to market faster with their breakthrough ideas, create real impact, and transform markets.


Since its inception in 2015, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has become one of the world’s most important forums on the global energy transition.
In a high-caliber conference program held over the course of two days at the Federal Foreign Office, the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue facilitates personal exchange between high-ranking government representatives, global business leaders, scientists, leaders of international organizations and NGOs.

Here, key decision-makers of the energy transition engage in dialogue and bilateral meetings to share ideas and experiences, discuss and solve urgent challenges and forge energy partnerships in pursuit of an environmentally sound, secure and affordable global energy transition.

This year the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will once again welcome ministers of state and high-ranking delegations from over 60 countries.
Organisers are expecting more than 2000 participants and over 200 journalists who will report on the conference, while some 130 countries will be represented.
Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023

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