Fabric is a research project and film on the history of the buildings of the former textile factory which now houses the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The documentary video Fabric presents the history of the building complex that houses today the Athens School of Fine Arts, one the main venues of documenta 14 in Athens. It also narrates a family history that spans more than over 100 years and starting in Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, continues via Beirut and Istanbul (Constantinople) arriving in Athens in the 1920ies.

Fabric is realized on occasion of documenta 14 in Athens in dialogue with the documenta 14 curator Monika Szewczyk.
Fabric is a tool to help the visitors understand and connect the work of the artists with the space where the art is presented.

8 April – 17 July 2017

@ documenta 14
Athens School of Fine Arts
Peiraios Street 256, Athens


The title of the video relates to all meanings and dimensions of the word “fabric”: a cloth made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers: woolen fabrics; framework, structure: the fabric of society; a building; edifice; the method and act of construction, especially of a church building; the maintenance of such a building; the spatial arrangement and orientation of the constituents of a rock in petrography…

Adam Szymczyk
artistic director
documenta 14

@ Kathimerini

As Adam Szymczyk, artistic director of documenta 14, explained to the Greek daily newspaper “Kathimerini” in the article “The documenta transforms the capital” by Sakis Ioannidis, 22 March 2017 “the documenta ‘tried to understand the history of the premises.’ Adam Szymczyk stressed that the content of the documenta 14 in Athens, is influenced and shaped by the places of the hosting venues. Therefore the need for “tools” to help the visitors understand and connect the work of the artists with spaces where the art is presented.”