Climate Adaptation @ Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ

How to rebuild a city in the 21st century as global temperatures are rising?

Poly Garden City offers a sustainable green approach for the rebuilding of cities in Syria.

Discussion Strategies to Rebuild Aleppo @ Deutsches Architekturzentrum DAZ, Berlin, 25 April 2016

As a participatory project for integrating green into the built environment, Poly Garden City is a climate adaptation strategy very relevant for cities in the wider Eastern and South Mediterranean.

In this ‘flat roof region’ processes of informal urbanization have produced settlements with very little or no space for urban green. We have therefore to literary ‘bring green into a higher level’, integrating it into the existing buildings: Poly Garden City!


Starting from Athens, the initiative refers to the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, as the Poly Garden City’s climate adaptation strategy is very relevant to the cities of the Eastern Mediterranean and the whole ‘flat roof region’.

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