reWild Autobahn

reWild Autobahn proposes a hybrid (natural and artificial) landscape on a dismantled urban highway in Berlin as a green corridor for humans and non-humans.

Exhibition reWild Autobahn @ BDA Gallery, Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten, Mommsenstrasse 64, Berlin, 6 October–26 November 2021
Publication Berlin Atlas @ BauNetz, Berlin, Germany, 19 November 2021


Schöner Berg

Schöner Berg (Beautiful Mountain) for (the Berlin district of) Schöneberg instead of a city of islands in an oceanic traffic frenzy.

Disconnected City Islands

Today, the routes of the mobility infrastructure separate the city islands.

Highway Removal

On May 15, 2019, the Berlin Tempelhof- Schöneberg district council members voted to size down Highway 103 into a four-lane city street. The removal of the A103 freeway and the corresponding adaptation of the Sachsendamm junction will enable the connection of the city islands and allow animals and people to migrate.



The green space at the Dominicus sports field grows towards the northwest with the help of a hybrid (natural and artificial) landscape and is connected to the axis of the New Twelve Apostles Churchyard with a pedestrian bridge. This hybrid landscape leads below (as a green underpass) and above the Sachsendamm to the green spaces of the Inselhunde Schöneberg and the Volkshochschule Schöneberger Linse and then to the sports facilities and playgrounds at Cheruskerpark.

Spatial Flow

The resulting complex, three-dimensional spatial flow welcomes the crossing of humans and animals, inviting play, relaxation, and mobility as much as hosting lush habitats for plants. An oasis, instead of a gap.

Green Infrastructure

Infrastructure relics of the car-friendly city from the last century are used as a reservoir of space for a Green Infrastructure, which is becoming increasingly urgent today in times of climate change and biodiversity loss.

For a green urban archipelago!

Green Corridor

A long green corridor for people and animals to bridge an existing gap, going through the Insulaner to the Red Island with the Cherusker Park and then towards the city center.


Animal Aided Design

With an Animal Aided Design (AAD) approach that incorporates the needs of city-dwelling animals into urban development, ReWild Autobahn (re)develops urban environments as habitats for humans and non-humans and is driven by giving primacy to their reciprocal relations, as a Multispecies Urbanism.

Green AI Architecture

ReWild Autobahn is part of Hybrid Space Lab’s Green Artificial Intelligence Architecture (G AI A) project series, developing meaningful connections between sustainable architectural practices and Artificial Intelligence (AI), envisioning creative answers to the climate and biodiversity crisis.