ReWild Berlin @ bauhaus reuse BHROX

Hybrid Space Lab curates a pocket-size workshop on multispecies mobility at the BHROX bauhaus reuse in the framework of the Von A to B Fieldtrip ‚Äď Amsterdam meets Berlin.

ReWild Berlin
10:00, 9 February 2022

@ BHROX bauhaus reuse
Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Berlin


With an approach that integrates the necessities of non-human animals living in the urban development, ReWild Berlin explores urban landscapes as habitats for both humans and non-humans. Inspired by an Animal-Aided Design (AAD) approach that prioritizes the reciprocal relationships between animals, the project questions and focuses on mobility corridors as gateways and vehicles to Multispecies Urbanism.


In line with the European Green Deal objectives a new (European) Bauhaus must be solidly framed within a strong sustainability agenda, addressing the urgent contemporary challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Such a movement should envision and foster effective collaborations across different fields and expertise.

ReWild Berlin

The pocket-size workshop involves experts, decision makers and other stakeholders engaged in developing sustainable urban mobility solutions and takes place during the field trip ‚ÄúVon A to B ‚Äď Amsterdam meets Berlin‚ÄĚ.


bauhaus reuse BHROX is a transdisciplinary, participatory urban laboratory focussing on education and R&D, focussing on sustainable urban development, the legacy and future of modernism, building culture, politics and society, and cultural practices in urban space.

BHROX bauhaus reuse hosts a multifaceted program is located on the traffic island of Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin and housed in a glass pavilion that was constructed with reused façade elements from the Bauhaus Dessau building.

* How can green urban infrastructures imaginatively tackle the need for movement not only of humans but also of other-than-human inhabitants of the city?

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