Hybrid Space @ China University of Geo Sciences

With the rapid development and application of the discipline of human ergonomics, the number of people engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of design ergonomics in China has been increasing.

Lecture Hybrid Space @ 2020 International Symposium on Design Ergonomics, Future · Awareness · Inclusion, China University of Geo Sciences, Wuhan, China, 29 December 2020


The research of design ergonomics takes users as the focus point, uses the techniques and means of ergonomics, combines the theoretical basis of design, and proposes theories, methods and principles of design and optimization in the fields of product design, human-machine interface, interaction, and user experience, etc. from the study of human physiology, psychology, perception, cognition, and organization, so as to finally realize the best match of human-machine-environment and make people work and live efficiently, safely, healthily, and comfortably.

The Design Ergonomics Branch of the Chinese Society of Human Ergonomics hosts the 2020 International Symposium on Design Ergonomics in order to promote academic exchanges among the members of this professional committee, showcase the research results in all major directions in the field of design ergonomics, and provide a high-quality academic exchange platform for university teachers, researchers and enterprise personnel engaged in research in this field.

With the theme of “Future · Awareness · Inclusion”, this international symposium explores the intersection and integration mechanisms among human factors engineering, design and neuroscience, shares the latest research and practical achievements in the fields of design, human factors and neuroscience from academia and industry at home and abroad, and builds an interdisciplinary and high-quality academic exchange platform for university teachers, researchers and technicians engaged in human factors engineering in enterprises.

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