Hybrid Notations

The Hybrid Notations workshop focused on hybrid space and its notations.

Participants included architects, urbanists, landscape architects, software and hardware engineers, philosophers, theatre-makers, and media artists.

The workshop tackled the hybridity and complexity of urban environments, relying on a wide range of fields of expertise and artistic approaches.

Publication, Workshop, Installation & Lectures FuTourism @ Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu, Torun, Poland, 3 April 2011



The workshop used selected urban situations in Torun as case studies. These were considered in their multiplicity of dimensions: the physical and built space, the social space of use and of encounter, the imaginary space of urban narratives, the layered space of the networked media communication, the fluid acoustic space, the ghost space of history, the 5-dimensional space of the future… These spatial multiple dimensions were not considered separately and in isolation but in their superimpositions and fusions, i.e., space was addressed in its hybrid condition.


By engaging with such multiplicity of dimensions, the hybrid condition of space was acknowledged and addressed, thinking along parallel, intersecting or diverging lines and entertaining at times contradicting ideas and concepts to spark new ideas and crossover between different fields, fusing what is with what could be.

Notations are an extremely versatile tool for programmatic innovation, allowing new ideas to develop in shared brainstorming processes. By opening a space where (visualized) ideas can be creatively misunderstood, reinterpreted, and mirrored, notations feed a communal co-creative process that merges the actual and the potential.


Focussing on FuTourism, the workshop raised questions about imaginative and virtual traveling systems, the future and evolution of traveling as we know it but also travels that are beyond our scope in space and time, allowing radically new perceptions of spaces, city sounds, and historical layers whilst standing still. FuTourism opens up infinite possibilities for navigation and negotiation of future travels across hybrid dimensions and bears the potential to generate new narratives and mental maps to experience and perceive the city anew.


Workshop Leaders

Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab


Dariusz Brzostek, Krzysztof Gutfrański, Katarzyna Krakowiak, Karol Langie, Łukasz Mróz, Anna Pilewicz, Jacek Plewicki, Marcin Praszkowski, Artur Studziński, Marta Tomasiak


Daniel Muzyczuk and Agnieszka Pindera, Centre of Contemporary Art Torun


Interviews by Agnieszka Pindera, Centre of Contemporary Art Torun


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