Citizens take part in innumerable co-creation initiatives in the private and the public domains, and more importantly in the hybrid blur where the one can’t be separated from the other.

These initiatives make use of recent concepts and developments, such as prosumer, bottom-up, peer-to-peer, start-up, social design, open design and design thinking.

From a city perspective the well-established creative city will merge with the smart city into a new ‘Co-creative City’.

From the citizen perspective the creative city and the smart city translates into the creative & smart citizen, shaping a ‘New Civic’.

Lectures & Workshops @ Make City, the festival for Architecture and City Making, Berlin 11-28 June 2015


The strengthening of participatory society is a complex issue, connected to new concepts of citizenship, to the loss in belief is systems,
to social complexity – and to technological development.

The ‘civic potential’ is already being unleashed at an unprecedented scale in media (user generated content, Youtube), in handmade and homemade items (Etsy), in hospitality (Airbnb), transport (UberPop).
The next decade citizens will take part in innumerable co-creation initiatives in the private and the public domains, and more importantly in the blur where the one can’t be separated from the other.

The contribution of citizens to a better society can grow, driven by their needs, wishes and dreams, and supported by new ways of working together and new technologies.
These initiatives will make use of recent concepts and developments, such as prosumer, bottom-up, peer-to-peer, start-up, social design, open design and design thinking.
A notion that could stand for this is Co-creative City.


From the citizen perspective this could translate into the creative & smart citizen, shaping a ‘New Civic’.

The Co-creative City and the creative & smart citizen will be able to take new approaches to problems and challenges concerning arts, culture and heritage, economy and work, education and science, ecology and energy, health and well-being, infrastructure, housing and transport, and privacy and safety.
Jointly they will redefine the relations between politics, government, civil society and the market.

These issues are very actual in the Netherlands, the welfare state is making way for the participatory society, and state power is shifting to the cities, which, with more than 60 per cent of the population, are the premier sites of innovation and economic power.

Smart City Governance
It is a huge theme addressing complex issues from the reinvention of democracy, new social contracts and administrative reforms, new hybrid forms of government (administrative reforms ) and self-organisation.

Smart City Practices
Practices can address areas such as health, mobility, energy, education, water and other commons.


Smart City Governance is a huge theme addressing complex issues from the reinvention of democracy, new social contracts and administrative reforms, new hybrid forms of government (administrative reforms ) and self-organisation.
Smart City Practices can address areas such as health, mobility, energy, education, water and other commons.

* How can technology be used to solve problems in society?

* How will citizens contribute to building a smart city?

* How will this impact urban infrastructure and vice versa?

* Can co-creation be more then the outsourcing of social responsibility?

* How can we upgrade the city makers movement out of the playground dealing with the symptoms of today’s socio-economic shifts?

Mijn tel: 015205723437
2. Eliz
3. Frans
4. Timo
5. Zarja Pavlin on 18-05-15
I’m sociology student, environmental and spatial studies and I’m very interested in the topic of participation, creative cities, good practices and sociological aspect of spatial planning as a solution of today’s cities problems. From Make City festival I expected to get new knowledge, ideas, which I can use in projects in my country, Slovenia.
zarja pavlin <>
00386 40 430 928

6. Aya Isabel Kleine on 19-05-15
Aya Isabel Kleine <>
I’m a Political Science Master student at the FU Berlin. In my recent studies I have started to merge my social and political theory knowledge with concrete urban planning methods, ideas and innovations.
I am also taking part in a summer school in Amsterdam called „Thinking City: Beyond Resilience“ in early July.
+ 49 174 245 1779

7. Max Ott on 21-05-15
Dipl. Ing. | Wissenschaftlicher Assistent
Technische Universität München | Fakultät für Architektur
Lehrstuhl für Städtebau und Regionalplanung | Prof. Sophie Wolfrum
Arcisstrasse 21 | D-80333 München
Telefon: +49-(0)89-289-22329 | Fax: +49-(0)89-289-28371

8. Jenny Fadranski on 23-05-15
Jenny Fadranski
I have a background in public management and governance and philosophy. I am very interested in innovating the life in cities and currently looking for inspiration how to work professionally in this field.

9. Bernhard Wiens <>
I will write about “Make city” for the magazine “Telepolis”.

10. / 11. Per email 27-05-15
Milena Petkova
Marcin Szumilas
“Szumilas, Marcin” <>

12. Klaus Krause
0171 762 0300
Genba Consulting GmbH
0171 762 0300, zugesagt per email am 28-05-15

Alexandra Mukovozova
Anmeldung per email 31-05-15
I am an Architect and recently graduated urban researcher. The topics of smart and creative city were ones of the most interest to me during my studies. My main research topic is urban public space and two years ago I interned at Project for Public Spaces in New York, where I got to work with bottom-up initiatives and public participation. Therefore I am extremely curious about the concept of ‘Co-creative City’, especially in connection with public sphere and public space.

Anja Mocker Eingeladen am 01-06-15, +49-176-45638366
Zugesagt am 03-06-15
(Sigrid’s Tipp)

email (booking) on 04-06-15
as a landscape architect and planner, my interest is geared towards understanding how people shape the cities they live in. After learning about public participation, living in Berlin has been an open-air laboratory where one can observe an participate in the most interesting urban dynamics. Because I use mainly the tools of physical planning, I am looking forward to understand how people from other disciplines relate to these issues and how we can collaborate to create new tools and processes.

“Karina Povse” <>
ich habe frisch meinen Bachelor in Produktgestaltung gemacht und mich in meiner Abschlussarbeit mit dem Thema generationenübergreifende Begegnung im öffentlichen Raum eines bestimmten Quartiers beschäftigt. Um technische Hilfsmittel oder smarte Systeme ging es darin nicht. Daher bin ich im Bereich “Smart City” eher Neuling.
Aber das Thema interessiert mich sehr und ich hoffe einen Einblick zu bereits Möglichen Lösungen und Zukunftsperspektiven zu bekommen.
Meine Mobilnummer: 0179 9285145
Email am 08-06-15

Ania Zahn <>,
Email 08-06





18., 19.
Christian Schulz
Tel.: 015775346497
2 persons 08-06-15
We are both urban planners (respectively I’m still a student of urban planning) from Hamburg, who are interested in participation and co-creation processes.
After nearly four years of work for the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg (communications and marketing department) I’m actually working on my diploma dealing with possibilities of public participation in large scale projects. Besides I’m working as a freelancer for SUPERURBAN ( – a Hamburg based communications agency with focus on urban topics – and ZEBAU (, a studio that tries to establish and promote the use of renewable energies as well as construction of energy efficient buildings.

Astrid is working for Urbanista ( – a studio for participatory urban design – and nexthamburg (, a project which can be described as an on- and offline citizens project incubator that tries to create ideas and future visions for the city by crowdsourcing and aims to give impulse to the urban development.

20., 21.
Katharina Schroth
Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt
F: 0163 834 00 88
2 persons 09-06-15
Ake Rudolf
email 10-06-15

Tiphaine Vanlemmens
VANLEMMENS Tiphaine <>

I’m a project officer at La Fabrique de la Cité, a French think tank on urban innovation, and I’m coming to Berlin for the festival Make City.
Tiphaine Vanlemmens – Project Manager
The City Factory / La Fabrique de la Cité
Mobile : +33 6 58 39 26 26
Simon Broniatowski
Simon Carlo Broniatowski
+49 (0)176 81 933 711
email am 11-06-15
I am an architect and have been working for housing cooperatives in Switzerland. I am currently trying to develop a housing cooperative in Berlin.
I believe that participative design can bring very positive ideas and outcomes and am always looking for participative concepts for further projects.
florina avramut
email am 11-06-15
I am lately interested on the idea of the city as an interactive platform, and how the new medias are able to cross link different domains but also create very isolated and closed ,,subcultures”.
Paula Hildebrandt
email on 12-06-15
0179 77 12 441
Paula is an expert on participatory strategies in the arts and coordinator of the phd program me “performing citizenship” at HCU Hamburg
0179 7712441
i currently work as a post dic researcger at the hafencity university and coordinate artistic-academic graduate school

so it is all about new articulations of civic engagement and forging new alliances:
wie sehen zeitgemässe formen transkulturrllet begegnung und pol. protests aus?
und mich beschäftigt die frage:
wer ist ein smart citizen, und warum und wer bestimmt dad eigentlich?

Michael Annoff (Studio Talks )
email on 12-06-15
mobile is 0176 23 78 25 12
program me coordinator of Make City

Nicolas Bueren” < + 8 Studierende der FH-Suesseldorf
Email on 11-06-15
Nicolas Büren +49 179 36 98 213 is my number.
Tim Hesker
Kristina Brüns
Miriam Nugan
Natascha Meier
Evelyn Kreuzer






My name is Elisabeta Roxana Clep and I work as an architect for HS Architekten BDA, Berlin.
Roxana Clep
Per email am 12-06-15
My interest for the theme comes from 2 directions. On the one hand, I did my architecture diploma, one year ago, on mixed housing (for which I chose a site in Vienna), with a high regard for social diversity and inclusion. On the other hand, I got a degree in Public Relations and for that diploma I studied the way architecture is involved in the creation of brands. I believe architecture is strongly rooted in the economy driven processed of society, but that does not have to stop us from considering the social implications of our actions, or block the communication processes with the communities involved in and affected by the design outcome.
bogdan neagu he did not reply
Ruta Randelovic <> wrote: 0157 53004810
I recently graduated in master of urban design, therefore my interest in the topic of tonight’s event.
Wadim Baslow Wadim Baslow <>
Currently I am employed at a consultancy company that is specialized on dialogue and participation processes in various fields. Generally, I am passionate about different themes of sustainable urban development. Thus, I will proceed in my studies in summer in Copenhagen within the field.

41. / 42.
Jan Kalfus und Tereza Merickova Tel: 0172 8109643
Jan Kalfus <>
We´re architects and urban designers that are interrested in Smart cities – especially in connection with smart data, open data, posibilities of open government and participation.

43. Amalia

44. / 45.
Anna Wildhack <>
Johannes Wildhack






37. Zissis
38. Phivi

Dr. Martin Schwegmann, Projektleiter
MitOst e.V.
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin
Telefon 030 31517473
Kontakt in der Stiftung
Kommt evtl., email am 28-05-15, 02-06-15



Ger Baron

Dear Julia Kloiber,
dear Florian Bögner,
dear Yannick Haan,

Klaus Illigmann,

Dear Mr. Scharfenberg <>,

Mr. Wieckmann <>,


Astrid Schneider <>,
Eingeladen am 01-06-15


Prof. Dr. Popescu-Zeletin

susa pop <>

Christian Grauvogel

Andreas W. Schöning
** Der Spezialist für die Harmonie von Mensch und Raum. **
Ust-IdNr. DE 227 160 515
Handy: (+49) 0171 – 881 85 88
Anmeldung per email am 29-05-15
Finding new ways of living together and sharing facilities (from cars to guestrooms, kitchens, childrens play areas and much more), creating buildings and environments which genuinely support that, this deems me very important for our future, for people and for cities – and now society in Germany seems to open up to this as for example the success of the book “Wohnkomplex” by Niklas Maak shows.

Drawing on my background in Feng Shui, working as a consultant for almost 20 years, understanding the interrelationship between people and the space around them, I´m exploring ways and opportunities to help in making this shift in paradigm from single apartments to networked living happen.




Agnieszka Surwiłło-Hahn, Projektleitung
Telefon 0711 46084-689

Andreas Krueger

Ursula Renker, SenStadtUm, Abt Stadt- und Freiraumplanung, Leiterin der Arbeitsgruppe “Gestaltung und Planung des öffentlichen Grüns”
Ursula Renker (Stellvertreterin) – Tel.: 030 9025-1330 – E-Mail:

– Tilmann Heuser, SenStadtUm, Koordinationsstelle für die Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Beteiligungsmodells für einen Entwicklungs- und Pflegeplan für das Tempelhofer Feld
Herr Heuser, Geschäftsführer – Tel. 0177 78 79 013 – E-Mail:

Florian Lennet : <>,

Notker Schweikhardt <>,

Nadia Zaboura (

Dear Daniel Roleff,
Dear Büro für Neues Denken Berlin team,

Dingeman Kuilman <>,


“Prof. Gesa Ziemer” <>



frauenhofer focus


Floris: Stadt Berlin???


Re-publica etc….

NICHT GETAN:,,, Office HSL/OFF@DDN01,,,,,,,,,,,



Nikolaus Huss: abgesagt per email 29-05-15

Dr. Perschon,
abgesagt per email am 28-05

Dr. Bouteiller “Strauß,Dagmar” <>,
Abgesagt per email 01-06-15

Jens Libbe,
Abgesagt 29-05-15

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The NatureTecture exhibition is dedicated to the tasks and instruments of qualifying landscape in the post-industrial age.
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