Creative & Tech Festival Berlin

Hybrid Space Lab’s innovative concepts have been incorporated as recommendations to the Berlin Senat for action in the White Paper of the Creative & Tech Festival Berlin.

Hybrid Space Lab is actively contributing to the development of the Berlin Creative & Tech Festival concept with an input presentation festCITY at the first Town Hall Meeting on 11 March 2023, with the organization and panel of the second Town Hall Meeting on 11 April 2023 as well as with a lecture ANIMALfest at the public event in Tempelhof on 31 May 2023.

Concept Hybrid & Crossover @ White Paper Creative Festival Berlin, 12 June 2023



The new Creative & Tech Festival in Berlin has the added value of being an interdisciplinary and joint festival of all Berlin’s creative and technology industries. Collaboration between different sectors of the creative and tech industries strengthens also the innovative character of the festival. An interdisciplinary approach helps to develop innovative ideas that go beyond conventional patterns of thought and customary practices of the separate sectors.

This interdisciplinary approach lies at the core of Hybrid Space Lab’s project INbetweenSTITUTE, a transdisciplinary platform for cultural innovation.

Hybrid Formats and Sustainability

Hybrid formats can be embedded in the urban landscape and society through infrastructure. This can help reach and integrate a global audience, potentially beyond Europe. A shared hybrid infrastructure that is mobile, nomadic, modular and based on sharing models can consist of different elements. Such an infrastructure promotes environmental sustainability by relying on circular sharing practices and by embedding the festival with a minimum footprint in urban nature, for example in parks and waterways. This also helps to anchor the festival in Berlin’s neighborhoods and urban society, making it largely accessible and supporting thus social sustainability.

The implementation of a hybrid infrastructure that is mobile, nomadic, modular and based on sharing models is described in detail in Hybrid Space Labs project Reboot Culture.

A prototype and model for embedding the festival in urban waterways is the 1999 project reBoot, a boat fitted with a media lab, floating along the Rhine, from Cologne to Amsterdam.

The sharing practices and the festival itself can therefore serve as a testing ground for new innovative business models that promote economic sustainability. Hybrid Space Lab’s program (Re)Venue engages with this challenge of how to offer meaningful visitors’ experiences whilst keeping afloat of financial needs, by ideating innovative business models for cultural institutions.


By defining thematic focal points, a common festival identity is to be created, reflecting the interdisciplinary character of the event. These focal points can serve as guidelines and be based on the common goals and values of the participating actors. They provide a framework within which different creative fields and disciplines can come together and contribute their diverse perspectives. This encourages collaboration, exchange and ultimately a shared vision between the different actors.


Lecture FESTcity Town Hall Meeting #1 @ betahaus, Berlin, 22 March 2023

festCITY consists of a radical, situated approach to embed festival and cultural events into the city. It entails a process-oriented think-tank to sustainably integrate festivals and festival designing and making into the environment, with a crossover, hybrid approach that combines Berlin’s (bio)diversity leveraging unexpected encounters and combinations from the cultural and tech fields.

Panel festACCELORATOR, Steve Austen & Paul Spies, Town Hall Meeting #2 @ Holzmarkt, Berlin, 11 April 2023

Panel festACCELERATOR with Steve Austen and Paul Spies at the Town Hall Meeting #2 discusses how to accelerate the planned Creative & Tech Festival Berlin 2024-2029 through international cooperation.
Hybrid Space Lab organised this panel with international experts on cultural entrepreneurship.

Public Presentation & Discussion ANIMALfest THFxIMPULSE Event @ Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, 31 May 2023

At the Public Presentations & Discussion event of the Berlin Creative & Tech Festival 2024-2029 at THFxIMPULSE Event Hybrid Space lab presents ANIMALfest.
ANIMALfest investigates and celebrates the future of urban culture and creativity at the crossroads of technological innovation and the pressing urgency of biodiversity loss. The first edition of the Berlin Creative Festival 2024 should focuss on biodiversity (also in urban spaces) and thus on the urgent biodiversity crisis.



In a lighthouse project, the Berlin Senate for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations is funding the Creative Industries with 12 million euros over four years to host a creative festival. As a community of interests of more than 70 actors, coordinated in the non-profit association Berlin Worx, we are a broad alliance of Berlin’s creative industries, demonstrating our unity and the willingness to create a new, unique, innovative and innovative festival together, to jointly develop a new, unique, innovative and sustainable format.

It is a vision, a plan, around which more and more actors and institutions of Berlin’s creative industries are gathering. Creative industries are gathering around it. Creative networks and companies jointly initiate a process to design and establish a large, multi-day festival at various locations in Berlin.

The international appeal of the city of Berlin is based on a great variety of offerings from a wide range of actors that have grown over the years and decades.
An innovative art, music, film, design, games and XR scene, successful industry meetings of the startup, digital and tech scene, and world-class events, digital and tech scene, world-class scientific institutions that dare to engage in an active exchange with society, and countless other initiatives. Added to this is an incomparable variety of established cultural venues and as yet unused urban potential areas that make Berlin the envy of is envied worldwide.

The festival is a cross-over format, which succeeds in building a bridge across the different creative sectors in order to use this worldwide unique existing potential – an intersectoral, co-creative and cross-locational cooperation of actors of the creative sector shall emerge. is to emerge. A format that provides a curated overview and accessibility of the multitude of creative and accessibility of the multitude of actors in Berlin’s creative industries and their products and services.

The format is to include elements of a trade fair, classic art, music and film festivals, as well as innovative components from tech and science conferences. At the same time, creative experimental spaces for academic knowledge transfer and citizen science. The festival brings together leading experts, innovation pioneers and interested parties in different locations of the and interested people at different locations in the city to inspire each other and to create together. The festival will be hybrid – physically and digitally – accessible. It is intended to be a showcase, entrance door and platform for Berlin’s creative industries at the same time. Such a format does not yet exist in Berlin – not even in in Europe.
Berlin Worx

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The international travelling exhibition NatureTecture presents the fields of landscape architecture in all their breadth and relevance.
The exhibition is based on landscape architectural expertise from North Rhine-Westphalia and refers to examples of landscape architecture from NRW.
NatureTecture focuses on those fields of work that will become increasingly important internationally for the design of our living environments and formulates relevant questions for the future.
The NatureTecture exhibition is dedicated to the tasks and instruments of qualifying landscape in the post-industrial age.
The international travelling exhibition on the fields of work of landscape architecture is organized by the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia with the support of the Ministry of Building and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Concept NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 1 September 2009
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects, Düsseldorf, Germany 11 Februar -17 March 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union, Berlin, Germany, 9 June-12 July 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Chamber of Architects of Jeollabuk-Do Province (KIRA Jeonbuk), Republic of Korea, 1 September- 4 September 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Building Culture Fair Daejeon 2010, Republic of Korea, 14-19 October 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Architecture and Urbanism Fair Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 3-7 November 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ Turkish Chamber of Architects of the Metropolis of Istanbul, Turkey, 26 November-10 December 2010
Exhibition NatureTecture @ 20th Anniversary of German Reunification, Busan, Republic of Korea, 8-14 December 2010

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