For a week, from 8 October till 15 October 1999, a boat descended the Rhine, the archetypal symbol of the connection between Germany and the Netherlands, as a floating media-laboratory, from Cologne on its way to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

reBoot is a floating Art and Media Lab
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8 October-15 October 1999

@ Motor Ship Carolina

The Rhine, Cologne ~Amsterdam

Kunst NRW.NL

KUNST NRW.NL is a cultural co-operation project of Nordrhein-Westfalia and The Netherlands

In October and November 1999, the Netherlands hosted a cultural exchange and co-operation project with Nordrhein-Westfalia entitled “Kunst NRW.NL”. In the framework of this program a series of cultural and art projects in the field of new media were realized. These projects emerged from a unique co-operation between artists, institutions and cultural initiatives from both countries. The series of projects were co-cordinated by Eric Kluitenberg at De Balie, Center for Culture and Politics (Amsterdam), and Prof. Frans Vogelaar at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, with V2_Organization (Rotterdam) and Montevideo TBA (Amsterdam) as the most important partner organizations.

This co-operation project underlines the close ties that exist between both countries, and stresses the great importance this co-operation already has today, and which it will increasingly have in the context of the future further European integration. Culturally as well as in the field of media and new media, both The Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalia in many ways take a leading role in Europe. Especially in these two countries attempts are made to establish a relationship between the new media development as such, and its social and cultural impact, that transcends its economic and technological significance. Both countries, moreover, have a rich cultural tradition and history, as well as a very lively and a highly diverse contemporary cultural live. It is foremost this diversity that informs the new media program.


As an archetypal symbol of the connection and the flowing transitions between the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia – the Rhine is unfolding through this joint project new networking opportunities between the two countries. From the joint experimental work, a new hybrid (media and physical) space emerges, which is not only bound to specific locations but also emerges from their connection. Traditional trans-local physical networks (the Rhine) are connected to the new global media networks (Internet). Reboot opened a platform for the exchange of positions and perspectives, the constant shifting of boundaries between the fields of art, media and music and their connection to topics such as politics and economics, and urbanism.

Yariv Alterfin/ Bettina Bachem/ Oskar van der Belt/ Dave Benett/ Christin Bolewski/ Persijn Broerse/ Nathalie Bruys/ Patrice Cros/ Nicolas Desponds/ Michel van Duyvenbode/ Eins & Eins/ Arthur Elzenaar/ flussux/ Nanna van Heest/ Dirk Holzberg/ Frank Horlitz/ Timothy Ingen-Housz/ Adam Hyde/ Isabelle Jenniches/ Gideon Kiers (D.U.M.B.)/ Joey Kops/ Chris Krönke/ Katrin Lehmann/ Martina Loepfe/ Arne Ludwig/ Marc Rene Matter/ Mauzz/ Andreas Menn/ Gels Middendorf/ Edward Milhuisen/ Myriel Milicevic/ Merel Mirage/ Jürgen Moritz/ Heike Mutter/ Alina Paluch/ Peter Pedaci/ Holger Reckter/ REWIND/ Remko Scha/ Simonex/ Ivar Smedstad/ Fabian Stärk/ Stephanie Thiersch/ Toek (DFM)/ Silke Wawro / Jost Wischnewski / Agnes Meyer-Brandis / Gregor Russ

is a cultural co-operation project of Nordrhein-Westfalia and The Netherlands

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