Hybrid Prosumer

3D printing has developed from a specialized industry to a low cost technology that everyone can use to produce objects. The digital blue prints of the machines and objects are designed in 3D software and can be shared via digital networks. 3D printing allows industrial production on a desktop scale enabling autonomous production for individuals and designers.

Workshop & Lecture
Prosumer Technology
Hybrid Design

14:00 -18:00, 27 September-1 October 2011

@ Beijing Design Week 2011
Building 5 No.4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China

The workshop is an experimental laboratory that strongly interacts with the public. During the workshop the participants learn how to use a Do It Yourself (DIY) 3D printer and how to share the digital design information of physical objects through online communities. The project aims to enhance the international dialogue on design, to strengthen design’s contribution to new sustainable lifestyles. It is a Eurasian arc between Germany and China based on a mutual cooperation in design research and innovation. Bringing 3-D printing to the masses via a public DIY workshop.
Hybrid Design is composed of lectures and screenings on self-replicating 3-D printers as well as the  the workshop provides extensive experience with 3d design and production.

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