CRISIS design @ Berlin Science Week 2023

Hybrid Space Lab contributes with the lecture CRISIS design to Designing beyond Crisis at Berlin Science Week 2023.

CRISIS design focusses on creativity as a catalyst in difficult political processes and new visions for socio-ecological transformation.

CRISIS design addresses the ecological transition thet implies and demands a conceptual mutation, a paradigm shift.

This global transition has to integrate also other systems of knowledge and ways of conceiving the world, some of which are still organizing the daily lives of the inhabitants of cities in the Global South, and are often shunned and disregarded in the Global North.

Lecture CRISIS design @ Designing beyond Crisis, Berlin Science Week 2023, 18.30-20.00, 2 November 2023



Katharina Loderstädt, Creative Director at Archimedes Exhibitions
Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Founders of Hybrid Space Lab
Ony Yan, Designer


Nancy Birkhölzer, Designer and Sustainability expert
Prof. Dr. Felix Kosok, Graphic Designer and Design Scientist
Mara Recklies, Philosopher specialising in design theory and criticism


Prof. Carl Frech, IDZ member


As part of the series “Transforming People and Places”, the IDZ (International Design Center) and AMDX (Archimedes Exhibitions) want to get to the bottom of the question of what design can do for a future worth living. In doing so, we want to go beyond boundaries and break them: The boundaries of the possible and those of the disciplines.
To this end, we bring science and art into dialogue and shed light on the crises of our time.

For the fact is that we live in a multi-crisis.

Democracy and stable political conditions are under massive attack. Refugee flows fail at sea or national borders. Hunger, drought, epidemics, wars and natural disasters are part of everyday life for many.

We show projects that shift perspectives and think about solutions. We present exciting minds that can make the world a little better, a little freer, with innovative concepts. Because we want to create utopias and visions for change, enable exchange and broaden the view.

In the interactive format of the fishbowl, we discuss with the audience:

What do we mean by a livable future and how can we shape it? How do we stay innovative and find workable solutions? Can creativity act as a catalyst? What are the ecological, political, social impacts of art and design? How do we inform about crises, how does enlightenment work, what questions should we ask? Do we need new and radical motifs, approaches or images for a change of consciousness?

Design can change systems and mobilize forces. For this we need to communicate positive and new narratives for our future now.
Internationales Design Zentrum

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