Humboldt Volcano @ Humboldt Forum Future

Humboldt Volcano and Humboldt Jungle are the only contemporary projects presented at the exhibition “Palace.City.Berlin.”.

The exhibition in the Ephraim Palace is devoted to the Berlin Palace and its significance for the city and its inhabitants.

Thus, our projects for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace are part of the official Berlin narrative and history of Berlin!

Exhibition Humboldt Forum Future Palace.City.Berlin. @ Ephraim Palace, Berlin, 25 November 2016-23 April 2017

“Humboldt Forum: Inside a kaleidoscope of the diversity of the world between culture and nature. Should this not be seen also from afar?
This is the question raised by Hybrid Space Lab. The visionary architects greened the baroque façades, turning them into a wild tropical garden: the Humboldt Jungle by Hybrid Space Lab. This spectacular concept will probably not be realized.
The architecture innovators would not stop. With the Humboldt Volcano, they designed another futuristic vision, a walk-in art installation: an annex to the palace, which provides space for additional restaurants. Culture and culinary delights: the insatiably curious explorer Alexander von Humboldt would have found joy in both.”

Paul Spies, Director of the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and Chief-Curator of the Berlin exhibition in the Humboldt Forum
Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin
Peter Schwirkmann, Curator, Stadtmuseum Berlin

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