Make Space @ Mart Stam Stiftung

The Mart Stam Stiftung frequently organizes symposia in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Embassy of Berlin.

The aim is to create a dialog on interdisciplinary themes in the field of art and design in the Netherlands and Germany by juxtaposing cultural differences.

Poster @ Mart Stam Stiftung, Berlin, 15 November 2019

At the last symposium, leading artists and architects presented remarkable participatory concepts for the public space: Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Prof. Frans Vogelaar (Hybrid Space Lab), Prof. Christiane Sauer (weißensee kunsthochschule berlin), Gert-Jan Stam (Artistic Director TAAT), Peter van Assche (Architect SLA).

The poster shows the Humboldt Volcano project by Hybrid Space Lab. Inspired by von Humboldt’s ideas and research findings, it fuses nature and culture, integrating nature into the built structure. The innovative design faces up to the current challenges of climate change, and positions itself against nostalgia and reconstruction.


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