Social Design Award @ Der Spiegel

Humboldt Volcano is shortlisted as a candidate for Social Design Award by DER SPIEGEL. The Social Design Award honours special urban development projects.
Here you can decide which finalist receives the audience prize.

Social Design Award @ DER SPIEGEL, Germany, 29 September-26 October 2017

Humboldt Volcano is shortlisted as a candidate for the Social Design Award by DER SPIEGEL

What would happen if a volcano erupted next to the Humboldt Forum? If trees and exotic plants proliferate, and a waterfall cascade?

Hybrid Space Lab developed the utopia of an extension to the Humboldt Forum: a vertical jungle consisting of terraces, a winter garden with a public path leading to the roof garden, referring to the explorer Alexander von Humboldt.
As a stacked oasis, which integrates vegetation in the built environment, Humboldt Volcano brings solutions for the integration of green in very dense urban situations. Hybrid Space Lab understands this idea as part of the urban redevelopment and the possibility to establish an unconventional green space in very dense public space.

Alexander von Humboldt developed the idea that all nature is connected, and pioneered concepts of sustainability. Today, the project Humboldt Forum that has his name is without any green space whatsoever.

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