Berlin becomes Baroque @ Deutsche Bauzeitung

In Deutsche Bauzeitung the author Bernhard Schulz, who is editor of the culture edition of Tagesspiegel Berlin published an article on the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace. The article refers to Humboldt Volcano.

Fake Architecture
Bernhard Schulz
1 September-1 October 2017

@ DB
Deutsche Bauzeitung



The two days of the Open Door at Berlin’s Schloss-with-Humboldt-Forum have recently used tens of thousands to cross the parterre through the future passage, which will surely divide the building, and the glass-covered Little Palace, the event centre, the Agora “Of the Humboldt Forum. One was impressed by the carefully crafted, sandstone-coloured precast concrete elements that Franco’s rationalist design has arranged into the whole series of round arrows, and which in fact are perfectly compatible with the reconstructed parts. For example, with the splendid Baroque portal on the inside of the Small Palace, the Roman arch, on which two allegories of the Fama proclaim the royal fame, which in the future is gilded with a trombone, and the other, oh miracle, of the trombone blowing no longer capable of origin due to a lack of hand. But one is delighted in Berlin about every piece of rubbish that confirms the former existence of the castle.


Hybrid Space Lab has long been proposing to break the unfortunate facade charm with design and functions that are fun.


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