Humboldt Jungle @ German Parliament

One of the “questions” concerning the Humboldt Forum that the German Green Party (Fraktion BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN) put before the German Parliament, the “Deutscher Bundestag” on 2 July 2019 was:

Question 22: “What is the current state of the considerations on the part of the Federal Government for the greening of the facades, to install the so-called Humboldt Jungle?

Publication 19/11306 Answer @ Deutscher Bundestag, German Federal Government, Germany, 2 July 2019


Opening date, cost increase, cultural use and event concept of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin

With the construction of the Humboldt Forum, the Federal Government has set itself the goal of a project with cultural and architectural excellence. According to the coalition agreement between the CDU, the CSU and the SPD, it should go far beyond its museum and exhibition work to become an international dialogue platform for global and cultural ideas. Structurally, the federal government decorates with the city palace as a prime example of a federal construction. According to the representatives of the Federal Government in the building committee for good construction and time management and tight controlling, it should serve as a model for other federal buildings.

The press reported on Tuesday, June 12, 2019, that the planned opening date for parts of the Humboldt Forum in November 2019 can not be met. The reason are technical problems in the building services (see eroeffnung-shift).
Another construction site is the dispute over the admission fee of the Humboldt Forum. The Minister of Culture announced that the Humboldt Forum was to be visited free of admission for three years. On the other hand, there was resistance because other museums were disadvantaged and, moreover, there was no concept of freedom of entry that would actually allow less social groups to be involved.

Moreover, it is still not clear which event concept underlying the use of the huge event space in the city palace, as from the response of the State of Berlin to the written question by the Deputies Daniel Wesener (Alliance 90 / The Greens) of 29 October 2018 (Berlin House of Representatives , Printed matter 18/16896).

It is precisely because the construction of the building and its further use is largely financed by public funds – including federal funds – that the Humboldt Forum, with all its exhibitions, facilities and event space in the city palace, is of particular importance to the general public low-threshold access. The offer should be designed in such a way that a “culture for all” is created, which takes into account the diversity of the population.
The aim of this small inquiry is to determine when the major project can be opened, which additional costs arise, which concept the Federal Government will follow in the future operation of the Humboldt Forum and what the current state of implementation is.


Deputies Erhard Grundl, Christian Kühn (Tübingen), Dr. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, Daniela Wagner, Stefan Schmidt, Margit Stumpp, Tabea Rößner, Katja Dörner, Dr. Anna Christmann, Kai Gehring, Maria Klein-Schmeink, Ulle Schauws, Kordula Schulz-Asche, Beate Walter-Rosenheimer, Stefan Gelbhaar, Dr. Bettina Hoffmann, Oliver Krischer, Stephan Kühn (Dresden), Renate Künast, Gerhard Zickenheiner and the Group Alliance 90 / The Greens

ask the  German Government:

Question 22:

What is the current state of the considerations on the part of the Federal Government for the greening of the facades, to install the so-called Humboldt Jungle?

German Federal Government

Antwort der Bundesregierung

Deutscher Bundestag
19 Wahlperiode
Drucksache 19/11774

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