Humboldt Jungle @ Berliner Kurier

Berliners, do you want this fairy tale castle?

Berliner Kurier, the Berlin newspaper, publishes an article by Stefanie Hildebrandt on Humboldt Jungle.

Publication Berliners, do you want this fairy tale castle? Stefanie Hildebrandt @ Berliner Kurier, 20 February 2016

Berliners, do you want this fairy tale castle?

Can we kiss Berlin Mitte awake?
A new green proposal for the design of the facade of the Berlin city Palace causes a lot of rustling in the urban jungle and the forest of the press.

Is Berlin’s centre finally being kissed awake? A new, very green proposal for the design of the facade of the Stadtschlosses ensures a lot of noise in the capital jungle and leaf forest.

Lianas and fern fronds wind along the façade, exotic birds are heard croaking. A wild green that grows in the heart of the city. The architects from the Hybrid Space Lab are presenting the façade of the new city castle.

Even more than the Grimm fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty, the makers, however, their inspiration, namesake and Latin America researcher Alexander von Humboldt may have inspired to their project. The jungle explorer would certainly be enchanted by the green façade.

Not so Wilhelm von Boddien of the Förderverein for the Reconstruction of the Stadtschloss. He thinks the proposal is simply crazy. Then maybe it fits quite well to Berlin?

Construction delays, € 600 million costs and more,€ 48 million are still missing for the baroque façade of the Stadtschloss. This is the actual state. But now the architecture professor Elizabeth Sikiaridi, design new thinker Frans Vogelaar as well as Notker Schweikhardt, a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for the Greens come with an intoxicating idea around the corner.

The green façade is intended to visualize Humboldt’s interdisciplinary thinking. Culture and nature, baroque and jungle – a castle for all.

From a technical point of view it is not possible according to Wilhelm von Boddien. The fact that the plants must be irrigated at all times can be difficult for the façade. “Wrong,” replied Elizabeth Sikiaridi. “According to Wilhelm von Boddien, we want to hang flowerpots on the façade. In the meantime, there are technically very well-suited technologies. “About closed panels, which are attached to the facade.

The visionaries also have an idea for the winter of Berlin: a greenhouse restaurant on the roof where delicate plants overwinter. On the façade remains evergreen growth, which defies the winter gray. “Everyone we told about the idea was very enthusiastic,” Sikiaridi told the Berliner Kurier. “Even on higher levels, we have heard that this is the salvation for the city castle.”

Still no one wants so right from the cover. But that can change. There is also an example: the Musée du quai Branly in Paris. There will also be collections of ethnographical objects, such as those in the Humboldt Forum: the hanging gardens of the architect Jean Nouvel are the racers.

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