BioTecture @ Communication University of China

BioTecture proposes how architecture will merge with green structures.

The accelerating developments in nature, bio-technology, technology and architecture are creating a new Hybrid Architecture.

Lecture  BioTecture @ Communication University of China (CUC), Dingfuzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China, 24 November 2017


The BioTexture lecture discusses how the Internet of Things is merging with green urban infrastructures, creating conscious architectures. The lecture is based on recent projects of Hybrid Space Lab that connect technology, the urban environment and nature.

Recent developments such as Internet of Things, Big Data, and Machine Intelligence will algorithmically organize life, including urban nature. These developments in technology and media are supporting the emergence of a new hybrid architecture, a BioTecture, where Nature and Architecture fuse.

The coming together of the Digital Age with the challenges of the Urban Age (the largest part of humanity living in urban settlements) is summarized under the notion Smart City. As information-communication networks become ubiquitous in the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City applications are developed with the goal of improving urban management, allowing for real time responses to urban challenges.

We are experiencing accelerating transformation processes driven by developments such as urban growth and demographic explosion and climate change as well as by technological acceleration with ubiquitous digitalization. The accelerating growth of megacities worldwide demands for optimization of limited resources in limited space as well as for the integration of many separate technical resources into one sustainable system of urban metabolism. The increasing complexity of the global challenges demand for trans-disciplinary approaches.

Today’s agriculture is pioneering ‘smart’ developments (just to mention some aspects such as robotics and autonomous driving on farms, drones and satellite monitoring or transponder-implants). With the help of green infrastructures, precision farming methods are informing Smart City development and enabling NatureTecture, a hybrid architecture integrating nature in built environment.


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