Newsletter November 2019

Ubiquitous digitalization pervades urban environments at an accelerating pace.

So is climate change, with increasingly frequent threatening episodes of extreme weather conditions worldwide, urging us to rethink our cities, and rapidly.

Now, amidst these accelerating and interconnected issues, we invite you to take a moment to step back and think about how digital tools can contribute to addressing urban climate adaptation.

Newsletter November 2019 @ Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin, 15 November 2019


Although it is sometimes easy to forget, digitalization sets off a chain of environmentally damaging ripple effects, driving up energy and resource consumption. Fueled by highly energy-intensive practices, the much-needed progress in urban environment via digital solutions takes its toll and demands an environmental cost.
Urban digitalization strategies need to integrate sustainability and climate adaptation – a Smart City should be a climate-conscious city.

*How much (environment) does the Digital City cost?

*Can the Smart City be climate-friendly?

The City Making Lab Climate City on November 20 2019 at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin focuses on proactive urban climate adaptation, addressing initiatives and projects improving the city’s microclimate.

*What are the Climate-Smart Citizen tools?

Adopted within a sustainability-minded framework, digitalization offers tools to process and communicate the dynamic complexity of (urban) climate models as well as to promote citizen participation, involving city users and dwellers in local climate adaptation initiatives.

Climate City explores how digital technologies contribute to addressing climate adaptation and develops digitalization strategies that take urban sustainability into account. At the intersection of climate data and participation, Climate City provides a space for exchange and aspires to contribute to developing networking fora, creating opportunities to develop concrete projects addressing the climate resilient cities.

Climate City is part of the City Making Lab series that focus on digitalization and the city, a co-operation between Hybrid Space Lab and Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. The program’s language is German.

* Does technology only benefit western industrialized nations or can digitalization contribute to global climate justice?

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