Bismarck Beyond @ Foundation Historical Museums Hamburg

Hybrid Space Lab’s contribution entitled “Bismarck Beyond” to the Bismarck Neu Denken competition is exhibited at Foundation Historical Museums Hamburg from 26 July till 16 August 2023.

Bismarck Beyond @ Foundation Historical Museums Hamburg, 26 July-16 August 2023


Presentation of the submitted competition designs for the contextualization of the Hamburg Bismarck Monument at the Museum of Hamburg History

In August 2022, an open international ideas competition for the contextualization of the Bismarck Monument in the Altes Elbpark was launched in cooperation between the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Hamburg Historical Museums Foundation (SHMH). Individuals from the arts, architecture, and civil society were called upon to develop approaches to thinking and designing how the monument’s complex references to colonialism, National Socialism, discrimination, and issues of social justice can be made visible and encourage people to engage with the history of the monumental statue. The aim of the competition was to identify artistic ideas for a critical and contemporary engagement with the monument and to give space to perspectives on the historical statue that have received little attention to date.

In its meeting on July 5, 2023, the jury unanimously decided that a single artistic intervention did not fulfill the task in its complexity and with all its facets and recommended that the focus of the process be shifted more strongly to mediation and social discourse in the next step of the process.
Museum of Hamburg History


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