Hybrid Space Lab @ Berlin Climate Protection Conference

Berlin is growing. With an increasing demand for mobility, infrastructure and communal services the challenge is climate protection.

Climate Protection Urban Growth

11.00-18.30, 24 November 2015

@ EUREF Campus

12:00 Welcome and opening of the 5th Berlin climate change conference by Petra Schwarz (moderation) in conversation with Rainer Knauber (head of corporate communications and marketing of the GASAG AG) and Alexander Jung (Executive Vice President of Vattenfall GmbH Berlin),

12:15 “Urban growth: success factor climate protection”
Andreas Geisel, Senator for urban development and environment of the Land Berlin

12:45 Discussion: “does Berlin need a green new Deal ?”
Dr. Stepham Franzke, Managing Director of Berlin Partner for Economy and Technology GmbH
Dr. Bernd Heinrichs, Managing Director of Cisco Systems GmbH
Alanus von Radecki, Head of Fraunhofer Innovation Network “Morgenstadt: City Insights”
JĂŒrgen Wittke, Chief Executive Officer of the Handwerkskammer Berlin

14:45 Keynote: “Climate protection and energy transition”
Matthias Machnig, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy

15:15 “Urban growth: Influence of Technology”
Discussion: “how smart should a growing city be?”
Kerstin Anfrea, MdB, Deputy Chairman of the faction Alliance ‘ 90 / the Greens
Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, cradle to cradle Chair for innovation and quality, Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University)
Henner Bunde, Secretary of the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research of the Land Berlin
George Friedrichs, Managing Director of Vattenfall Europe Wind Power GmbH
Alexander Mankowsky, Futures Studies & Ideation of Daimler AG
Rainer Knauber, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing of  GASAG AG

17:15 “Urban growth: Influence of Policy”
Discussion: “Sustainable city, Efficient City: a look”
Prof.. Dr. Andrea Knie, Director of the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Sociatal Change (InnoZ) GmbH
Michael Nallinger, Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper for Local Economy
Burkhard Rhein, Deputy Head of Economic Policy of the Association of Business Associations in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. (UVB)
Dr. Birgit  Schiffmann, Head of the City of Hamburg Climate Protection
Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab

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