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Our whole sense of reality is shaped by our hybrid existence.

Hybridity is a multifaceted notion, as we are experiencing a proliferation of hybridization in all dimensions of our contemporary life.

This is discussed in an article on Hybrid Space, published by the Lithuanian Union of Architects.

Investigating and speculating on the future of social and cultural spaces requires considering physical spaces in combination with digital media networks, emphasizing the hybrid qualities of spaces in the interplay of the digital and the physical.

Hybrid Space has been the focus of Hybrid Space Lab’s long-term commitment and experience in researching and developing space. Starting with the fusion of physical places and digital networks into ‘hybrid’ spaces, the Lab’s concept of hybridity evolved to address the hybrid, intertwined realities of nature and technology, along with the fusion of the biological and technological.

Regeneration [and its Discontents]

Editors: Tautvydas Urbelis and Dovydas Laurinaitis
Contributors: Chiara Dorbolò, Hybrid Space Lab (prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and prof. Frans Vogelaar), Jay Springett, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Samuel Perea-Diaz and Banu Çiçek Tülü, and Viktorija Šiaulytė.

The book ‘Regeneration [and its discontents]’ is a continuation and expansion of the discussion series of the same name. During the series (curated by Tautvydas Urbelis, Noah Brehmer, and Miglė Babickaitė) the concept of ‘regeneration’ became a tool to explore multifaceted interaction between city, culture, art, and politics. With specialists from different disciplines introducing strategies for activating positive urban and architectural development through art, aesthetics, and sound, the talks and accompanying events showed that ‘regeneration’ escapes boundaries of one discipline and is a promising lens to think about different urban futures.

The book ‘Regeneration [and its Discontents]’ expands some of the key ideas of the talk series, looking towards the potential futures of speculative and real urban environments. The image of weeds breaking through concrete articulates the embodiment of the will to transform in alien environments; to become new, to regenerate. ‘Regeneration [and its discontents]’ are all the collections of the intricate root systems that permeate the modern city, interacting with the material and immaterial (infra)structures. On different scales and from different angles, 6 authors embark on their own journeys through the city.

Book Launch

For the book launch at Architektūros fondas Gallery, Vitebsko g. 23, Vilnius, Lithuania on 4 June 2021, 18:00 the artists Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė, Artūras Čertovas, Byuka Krow, NKO, Sholto Dobie, and Tom Kemp were invited and paired up with each of the texts. Their responses to the book and interpolations are presented during the launch event, in what we hope to be an evergrowing process of ideas interacting across dimensions and fields.

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