Crossover @ Public Diplomacy Magazine

By means of creativity, Hybrid Space Lab’s approach paves the way towards a more integrated, collective processes of memory- and meaning-making.

Bringing creativity into controversial situations informs engagement with contentious landscapes, negotiation stasis, and political reticence.

Publication Creative Crossovers @ Public Diplomacy Magazine, University of Southern California, USC Annenberg, USC Centre on Public Diplomacy, USC Masters of Public Diplomacy Program, USA, 7 June 2019


In the context of Hybrid Space Lab’s work, “crossover” is both a method and a strategy, drawing on the recognition that transferring ideas from one field to another is a recipe for cultural innovation. Working within a crossover framework entails daring to combine unexpected elements, coordinating concepts that may not traditionally fit together. Uprooting concepts and tools from their original context and applying them elsewhere favors adaptive thinking and unprecedented, hybrid solutions. Crossover promotes the development of new synapses. Thanks to its versatility, the crossover method is relevant in several controversial landscapes, promoting exchange, mutual learning, and openness.

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