Post COVID-19 City @ Academy of Media Arts

Publication Post COVID-19 City by Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar for Magazine #0 of the Academy of Media Arts.

Article Post COVID-19 City @ Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany, 27 July 2022

Media Arts
Magazine #0

Twice a year, the new KHM Magazine focuses on current artistic and social developments. Contributions are requested via open call within the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, from scientific and literary texts to inserts by artists to augmented reality or photographic essays.

The pilot issue of KHM Magazine (#0) entitled “Out of Time” will address questions such as: What does it mean for people in general and artists in particular to have to keep their distance? How do we experience the changing world, the fears, hopes or anger, promises and consolations? How can we react to them or think of them in terms of a changed future? How is our relationship to closeness and distance changing? How do we process the wealth of information and news that we receive every day regarding COVID-19? What are the political implications of the current situation and how do we deal with it, artistically and in everyday life? The selected characteristic of a so-called zero number emphasizes the provisional, processual, experimental nature of the first issue of the KHM magazine.

With contributions by Susanne D. Engling, Luise Flügge, Fabiana Fragale, Alex Grein, Rilke Hoppse, Maximilian Andréas Karakatsanis, Patricia Kaschuba, Mischa Kuball, Tania de León Yong, Yony Leyser, Isabell Lorey, Andreas Niegl, Kathrin Röggla, Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar and Kerstin Stutterheim.

Edited by Kerstin Stutterheim
Editors: Heike Ander, Konstantin Butz, Heidrun Hertell, Kerstin Stutterheim

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