reWild Autobahn @ BauNetz

Baunetz showcases reWild Autobahn as part of the Berlin Atlas.

Publication ReWild Autobahn @ BauNetz, Berlin Atlas, Berlin, 19 November 2021


The multispecies-urbanism project “ReWild Autobahn” by Hybrid Space Lab proposes the re-wilding of a dismantled urban highway in Berlin. The project was developed as part of the “Berlin Atlas” initiative of the German Federation of Architects Berlin.

The exhibition and publication series “Berlin Atlas” is a multi-year format of the BDA Gallery (gallery of the German Federation of Architects) in Berlin, curated by Urs Füssler and Andrew Alberts.

Architects were invited to formulate ideas and designs on virulent topics of urban development policy in and around Berlin and to present them with a collage. A medium of playful-critical discussion, the collage reflects the approach of further developing the city from the existing.

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