Hybrid is the Future! @ Kulturstiftung des Bundes

What are engaging, inclusive, and sustainable hybrid formats and spaces for art and culture?

Workshop Hybrid is the Future! at dive in “New Forms of Participation and Interaction”, the digital cultural innovation program initiated by the  German Federal Cultural Foundation, Bundeskulturstiftung.

Hybrid Workshop The Future is not Digital. Hybrid is the Future! @ Kulturstiftung des Bundes, HoloLabdive in Program for Digital Interaction, Berlin, 14 October 2021

The Future is not Digital, Hybrid is the Future!

Co-creative Workshop

During the co-creative workshop, we will speculate about hybrid spaces for art and cultural practices. We will experiment with co-creative processes of a hybrid design studio to develop ideas for infrastructures and networks for combined on-site and online co-creation and public engagement and formulate proposals for hybrid modular and mobile systems to engage urban society in co-creation processes.

The workshop refers to several hybrid dimensions of art and culture: on the one hand, to the coming together of creative practices such as painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, performance, video, sound, interactive media, and digital art in one artistic project as post-media art; at the same time, to hybridization as the fusion of cultural creators and consumers, as cultural co-creation in hybrid spaces. Polyphonic hybrid cultures are anchored and embedded in physical spaces, while at the same time they are increasingly disseminated, shaped and negotiated in trans-local digital networks

The distancing rules put into place during the coronavirus crisis have had a massive impact on life and society. Other forms of dialogue and exchange must be found and put into practice, or for otherwise social cohesion runs the risk of breaking down. However, the crisis has revealed that the digital sphere can offer innovative possibilities for interaction which have not yet been fully explored.

Since the pandemic began, cultural institutions have been discussing how they can reach and interact best with their audiences. How can a target group-specific, active dialogue – either as a participation format or artistic presentation practice – be converted into a digital format or expanded in digital space? With “dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions” the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to support and encourage cultural institutions in Germany to respond to the current pandemic-related situation with innovative, digital dialogue and exchange formats.

The programme is targeted at contemporary-oriented cultural institutions in all artistic areas, as well as memorial sites, libraries, sociocultural centres, archives with archival assets in artistic disciplines, and festivals. Its aim is to enable these institutions to implement innovative ideas and digital exchange projects, to test formats for reaching new audiences, experiment with new digital applications and further develop existing services by the end of the coming year. The Foundation would like dive in to support measures that create links between analogue and digital formats to create new ways to access artistic productions and offer diverse forms of audience interaction and user participation.

The programme will be accompanied by idea workshops organised by the Federal Cultural Foundation, as well as workshops on nationwide knowledge transfer to flank the interdisciplinary development of digital concepts and their implementation in the cultural institutions.
German Federal Cultural Foundation

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