Marleen Stikker @ INbetweenSTITUTE

Marleen Stikker, founder of Waag is presenting Future Lab at Hybrid Space Lab.

Lecture & Discussion, Marleen Stikker, Founder and Director, Waag Future Lab for design and technology @ Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin, Germany, 30 November 2021

Marleen Stikker

A meeting and discussion organized on the occasion of Marleen Stikker’s (founder of Waag) visit to Hybrid Space Lab, involving Berlin-based international cultural professionals from the fields of diplomacy, journalism, music and visual arts, theater directors and festival directors, digital participation experts, and Berlin (smart) city officials.

The evening opened with a presentation by Marleen Stikker on Waag’s Future Lab. From January 2021, Waag is part of the basic infrastructure provided by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science, with the title of Future Lab for Design and Technology. Waag has therefore been provided with the means to carry out its work to make society more open, fair, and inclusive for the next four years.

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