Hybrid Design @ Media Lab CAFA Beijing

Hybrid Design is a strategy that incorporates elements and processes from diverse fields that are in todays design practice not always perceived as compatible.

This is a method to generate new design visions.

Lecture Hybrid Design @ Media Lab, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, 14.00-15.00, 27 September 2015



Hybrid Design is an innovation method for dealing with our increasingly complex future, known by the acronym BANG: the fusion of Binary, Atoms, Neurons, and Genes. Hybrid Design addresses among others the Smart City, the coming together of the Information-Communication Age and the Urban Age. Hybrid Design addresses complexity and diversity of our globalized – and ‘glocalized’ – world.

Hybrid Design is an interface to the future as it provides creative instruments for developing future visions. The increasingly complex challenges require a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, a Hybrid Design approach. Hybrid Design develops also methods for dealing with the geometrically accelerating pace of developments and with disruptive change.

Using ideas and concepts from one field and trying them out in another, is one of the Hybrid Design methods to approach the issues we deal with from new perspectives, in order to reframe future challenges.


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