Deep Space @ transmediale

Deep Space is a long-term investigative program initiated to deal with politics of memory, digitization, controversial monuments and heritage.

16.00-18.30, 3 February 2019

@ transmediale


Memory Politics in the Digital Age, by Hybrid Space Lab (Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar) focuses on the strongly emotionally charged memory politics of Valle de los Caídos in Spain and on the re-signification of this Francoist site—one of the world’s most controversial monuments. Deep Space addresses the re-signification of traditional physical monuments and heritage with the help of digital dynamic networked archives: What could future heritage (sites) look, feel, sound like, and how could their digitally enriched features affect memory-making processes?

transmediale is a yearly Berlin-based festival and cultural organization that facilitates critical reflection on and interventions into processes of cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective. transmediale 2019 focuses on the role of emotions, empathy, and cultural emergence in digital culture.

These alliances may include – but not be limited to – intersectional activism across class, gender, and race in today’s hybrid urban and technological spaces as well as artistic re-imaginations of places, institutions, and forms of organization.

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