Hybrid Space @ Sonic Acts 2010

Hybrid Space is the superimposition and layering of physical, informational and media infrastructures, and social, cultural and economic flows.

Hybrid Space is the fusion of Physical and Digital Space.

Lecture Hybrid Space @ Conference Poetics of Space, Sonic Acts 2010, Amsterdam, 26 February 2010


The Poetics of Hybrid Space explores the new conditions of experience emphasized by the concept of Hybrid Space through the prism of a series of artistic and interventionist projects drawing on the increased hybridity of contemporary spaces in everyday
life. Hybrid Space points at a layering of physical, informational and media infrastructures, and social, cultural and economic flows superimposed in one and the same space. It indicates the simultaneous presence of heterogeneous spatial logics at play in our everyday living spaces, which is amplified by the growth of real-time communication and media technologies. Hybrid Space emphasizes discontinuity, inconsistency, intimacy, heterogeneity and paradox. The volatile presence of physical absence mediated by proliferating communication and media technologies permeating virtually every aspect of daily experience (GSM, Wifi, umts/ 3G, GPS, DVB, radiography) creates a powerful and rich locus for various forms of artistic and poetic intervention. The panel was selected and will be moderated by Eric Kluitenberg, and features presentations by Duncan Speakman, Lancel/Maat, Peter Westenberg and Elizabeth Sikiaridi.

Eric Kluitenberg (NL) is a media theorist, writer on culture, media and technology. Kluitenberg heads the media program at De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in

Karen Lancel (NL) and Hermen Maat (NL) create ‘meeting places’ in public space. They invite the audience to experiment and play with social technologies. They will present Tele_Trust.

Duncan Speakman (UK) examines how we use sound to locate ourselves in personal and political environments, creating experiences that engage audiences in public spaces. He is develops site-responsive soundwalks, street games and pervasive theatre works.

Peter Westenberg (NL) is a visual artist and filmmaker who engages in open source practices.

Elizabeth Sikiaridi (GR) lectures on design in the urban landscape at University of Duisburg-Essen and together with Frans Vogelaar runs the Hybrid Space Lab.


Friday 26 February 2010

10:00–10:40    Derrick de Kerckhove: Keynote
10:40–12:00    Daniel Teruggi, Raviv Ganchrow: Architectures of Sound
13:00–14:00    Naut Humon, Christopher Salter: Exercises in Immersion:
14:00–15:30    Branden W. Joseph, Trace Reddell , Robert Whitman: Utopian Spectacles
16:15–18:00    Eric Kluitenberg, Lancel & Maat, Duncan Speakman, Peter Westenberg, Elizabeth Sikiaridi: The Poetics of Hybrid Space


Saturday 27 February 2010

10:00–11:00   Barry Truax: Lecture
11:00–12:00    Fred Worden: Lecture & Screening
13:00–14:30    Hildegard Westerkamp, Annea Lockwood, Edward Shanken, Yolande Harris: Soundwalks, Acoustic Spaces and Field Recordings
14:30–15:30    Marcos Novak, Dirk Hebel, Jörg Stollmann: Invisible Architectures


Sunday 28 February 2010

10:00–10:40    Michael J. Morgan: keynote
10:40–12:00    Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag, HC Gilje, Jacob Kirkegaard: Spatial Perception
13:00–15:00    Roger Malina, Paul Prudence, Philip Beesley: Gardeners of the Future

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