Hybrid Notations @ Centre of Contemporary Art Torun

Featuring designers, architects, urbanists, landscape architects, environmental planners, musicians, software and hardware engineers and media artists, the workshop was focused on notations of hybrid space.

By mixing fields and combining expertise, the workshop addressed urban environments in their hybridity and complexity.

Lecture, Workshop & Article (in Polish) @ Centre of Contemporary Art “Znaki Czasu”, Torun, Poland, 31 March-3 April 2011





A series of selected urban situations in Torun was used as case studies to the workshop. These urban spaces were considered in their multiplicity of dimensions: the physical and built space, the social space of use and of encounter, the imaginary space of urban narratives, the layered space of the networked media communication, the fluid acoustic space, the ghost space of history, the 5-dimensional space of the future… These spatial multiple dimensions were not considered separately and in isolation but in their superimpositions and fusions, i.e., space was addressed in its hybrid condition.

Workshop Leaders

Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab


Daniel Muzyczuk and Agnieszka Pindera, Centre of Contemporary Art Torun

Workshop Participants

Dariusz BrzostekKrzysztof GutfrańskiKatarzyna KrakowiakKarol LangieŁukasz MrózAnna PilewiczJacek PlewickiMarcin PraszkowskiArtur StudzińskiMarta Tomasiak


What do Erik Biinger, John Grzinich, Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar have in common?

Why the idea that the first and last issue of the P+K magazine of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń should be included in an issue of Glissando devoted to music in public space?
Why the idea that the first and last issue of the P+K magazine of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń should be included in an issue of Glissando devoted to music in public space?
The answer is a long-term project with an open formula, initiated in 2009 by curators (Daniel Muzyczuk, Agnieszka Pindera, Joanna Zielińska + Krzysztof Gutfrański – curator of the P+K 2010-11 programme) at the Toruń institution with the local community in mind.

POKÓJ Z KUCHNIA, located on the ground floor of the CCA, has since become a venue for discussions, concerts and artistic actions, as well as a place for informal meetings with friends and a space for educational activities.
It is a generally accessible, ticket-free area that can also be rented free of charge for the organisation of events in line with its programme, and it is also a venue for at least a few heated discussions on the condition of Toruń’s culture.
In establishing P+K, we wanted to emphasise the seemingly obvious fact that the space of an art institution is a public space. We have taken up this topic many times as part of various events.

Another element worth emphasising is that the space serves to extend the field of activity of the art institution to include experimental music and social activities.
By eschewing the solemn atmosphere of the exhibition halls, we have tried to create a place for the democratised distribution of knowledge.
Taking advantage of the hospitality of “Glissand”, we present the activities of the past months, which were workshops and lectures under the title Hybrid Notations, led by Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar, and the seventh edition of John Grzinich’s Maps of Time.
Both of these projects explored urban space, analysing its various dimensions (physical, architectural and historical space, the social utility dimension of a given place, media communication networks, the variability of acoustic space, etc.).

The texts summarising them are accompanied by a conversation with Erik Biinger, who considers his work in public space to be his best realisation to date.

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