Hybrid Space Lab @ Smart Cities International Roundtable

Amsterdam Smart City is working together with Future City Foundation which is leading the realization of the Netherlands City Deal.
Smart City: This is how you do it.

Smart Cities International Roundtable
Frans Vogelaar
15.00 – 1700, 7 June 2022

@ Amsterdam Smart City

Crowd Safety Manager
Ethical Boards
Smart Mobility
Sensor Data & Privacy
Citizen Measurement Initiatives

More than thirty public and private parties are working together to collect, validate and scale smart city solutions in the Netherlands.
One of the key goals of the City Deal is to link up with projects, examples and cities outside the Netherlands, so that we do not reinvent the wheel. The City Deal partners are committed to safeguard the instruments and solutions developed in the project, and to scaling them up across Dutch cities and internationally.

On Tuesday, June 7 we would like to present and discuss with you the results and lessons learned from five smart city instruments or “tools”: Crowd Safety Manager, Ethical Boards, Smart Mobility, Sensor Data & Privacy, and Citizen Measurement Initiatives. We hope to benefit from your international experience and reflection on these topics.
Amsterdam Smart City, Future City Foundation


Welcome and introductions

15:00 – 15:15

Presentations & Discussions

15:15 – 16:45

Key results, lessons learned & feedback from international experts on City Deal Tool
(5min pitch, 10 min facilitated discussion per tool)
Crowd Safety Manager
Ethical Boards
Smart Mobility
Sensor Data & Privacy
Citizen Measurement Initiatives

Final reflections & next steps

16:45 – 17:00

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For  tanz yearbook 2022, the international magazine for ballet, dance and performance, we have written the lead article “Hybrid is the Future” focussing on the body and space in the context of the physical and the digital: the hybrid.

Publication Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar @ tanz, Germany , Summer 2022

Conflict Space @ ISEA 2022

Hybrid Space Lab will present Deep Space at the international conference ISSEA 2022 “Possibilities” in Barcelona.

Lecture + Workshop @ ISSEA 2022 “Possibilities, Barcelona, Spain, 10-16 June 2022