Bricks & Bits @ Lithuanian Radio

Interview by Rūta Leitanaitė on Lithuanian Radio on how the physical and the digital dimensions of the city interact, on how to develop cities in an integrated way, making the city more fair, comfortable, and attractive.

Interview City of Bricks and Bits, Rūta Leitanaitė @ Lithuanian Radio, “Need an Architect”, Lithuania, 2 April 2020

Cities that see themselves as the leaders of the future, as well as cities with more modest ambitions but striving for comfort, equality and a healthy environment, are inevitably covered by a layer of digital reality. Various visible and invisible devices and programs monitor our activities, develop forecasts for tomorrow and for the next decade.

“Going out to the city” means no longer only sitting in a cafe or square, but also staying home with your slippers on. In the digital environment, the city opens its information layers to the citizens, who not only can find out what is going on without leaving home but also have their say on it.

Rūta Leitanaitė talking with the architect, lecturer, and partner of the studio “Hybrid Space Lab”, Elizabeth Sikiaridi, about how these two realities of the city – the physical and the digital – interact, how to develop them in an integrated way to make the city more comfortable, fair and attractive.

The radio program “Need an Architect – conversations on modern architecture” is organized by the Lithuanian Union of Architects and sponsored by the Lithuanian Press Radio and Television Support Fund.

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