DMZpace @ Yeonnamjang Gallery Seoul

Featured in the “DMZ Landscape: Cheorwon” exhibition in Seoul, Hybrid Space Lab’s DMZpace project unfolds the potential of the no-man’s-land border area to overcome the tension between its historical wounds and the thriving nature.

Opening up scenarios for reconciliation and dialogue through the mediation of a now lush natural biotope, the project unveils the contradictions hidden behind the visible landscape at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Exhibition DMZpace @ Yeonnamjang Underground Gallery, Seoul, 2 May-17 May 2020


Landscape of Tension and of Life

DMZpace is part of the exhibition “DMZ Landscape: Cheorwon”, viewing the DMZ landscapes from various perspectives. The exhibition investigates Cheorwon, a DMZ border area with its paralleling military tension and landscape of life. Various art genres pay attention to the special scenery and culture of Cheorwon as changed by the division. Cheorwon, located in the center of the DMZ, bordering North Korea, is also home to migratory birds due to its wide plains and rich natural environment.

Aesthetics of Lyricism and Reality of Contradiction

According to the curator, Prof. Kyung Jin Zoh, Director of the Environmental Planning Institute of Seoul National University, “through the exhibition, you encounter small, ordinary, unfamiliar, or heterogeneous landscapes of Cheorwon. Zooming in and out confronts the aesthetics of lyricism and the reality of contradiction. Looking back returns the gaze as an internal reflection.”

The exhibition focuses on following Cheorwon’s themes:
– the gaze, reconstructing the geopolitical boundaries and intellectual character of Cheorwon,
– the politics of gaze, visualizing the auditory landscape of the divided village,
DMZpace as a spatial perception tool for researching and processing the conflict landscape of Cheorwon’s Soisan,
– the North Korean Village Monotopia, showing the political landscape of the village community in a controlled border,
– the traces of the railway ruins that have become an artifact,
– the DMZ Gaze Expansion, containing the personal narrative of North Korean performers from North Korean defectors.


Participating artists include Hybrid Space Lab, Junha Ha, Shinhyeong Cho, Jungjun Joon, Geunsik Jung, Changmin Lee, Donggeun Lee, Seungyong Yong, Shindo Lee, Youngae Seo, Hansol Park, and Younggwang Kim


Kyung Jin Zoh, Jeongeun Kim, Seongtae Park, Hyunsun Kim


Exhibition coordinators: Hansol Park, Seungyong Yun, Giyoung Kim, Oheun Kwon, Changhyun Lee, Hyeongchan Cho, Jiyoung Park, Karam Jeon
Editing and Graphic Design: All About
Host: Seoul National University Environmental Planning Institute
Organized by: SNU GSES ULPD, All About
Collaboration: Art Bus Mowum, THEREFERENCE, NON Berlin
Sponsors: Institute for Peace and Unification Studies Seoul National University, Cheorwon County Office, Mowum, ESOO Landscape Architects

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