Hybrid Heritage @ Film University Babelsberg

Hybrid Space Lab contributes to the International Master Class Artistic Research, pioneering developments of immersive 360° concepts and narratives.

Lecture Hybrid Heritage @ Film University Babelsberg, Master Class Artistic Research, Potsdam, Germany, 7-18 September 2020

Hybrid Space Lab contributes to the opening day of the International Master Class Artistic Research with a lecture on Hybrid Heritage, presenting a series of Hybrid Space Lab’s projects that research and design contemporary interpretations and further development of heritage under a multicultural perspective.


Organized by Prof. Frank Geßner, the Master Class Artistic Research GLOBE PLAYHOUSE supports Master and PhD students that develop pioneering concept art and installations for hybrid, augmented, mixed, virtual, and 360° projects.

Artistic methods between low and high tech, such as Animating Knowledge, Experimental Documentary, and Expanded Animation Cinema are explored in theory and practice to develop concepts and prototypes for a 360° physical and narrative space.

Universal Space for Thought and Action

Based on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, participants develop projects that combine the aesthetic, the environmental and the social dimensions of design, in pursuit of solutions to real world problems and a sustainable planet.

360° spherical form of the narrative format is also a geometric metaphor for a visionary, universal space of thought and action connecting everyone on planet Earth.

Future Cinema

The Master Class focuses on the experimental exploration of the potential of movement, time, and sound, expanding the cinematographic experience and questioning the basic film elements under the possible new conditions of a Future Cinema.

Master Class Lectures

Experts from various disciplines provide thought-provoking lectures and stimulating imputs, addressing a broad range of issues, such as:

  • animation aesthetics in a contemporary context
  • hybrid art: analog and digital image concepts in their transformation processes
  • audio-visual image design: projection, reflection and philosophical fiction
  • perspective of neuroscience
  • gender as a poetic construction
  • paradox of fiction in relation to fact and fake
  • fake news and deep-fake
  • Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality as performative image practices and bodily experience
  • participatory processes in pictorial art
  • documentary film and experimental science fiction in immersive media
  • practices of audio-visual image design
  • production of 360° sound and music
  • 360° cinematography and production design

Organizers Film University Babelsberg

Prof. Frank Geßner, Theory and Practice of Visual Art
Fee Altmann, Managing Director, Institute for Artistic Research, Arts Management & Creative Producing
Julie Halten, Head Summer School Program
Monika Richter, Staff Summer School Project
Isabel Rosalind Rojas, Student Staff Master Class Project
Felix Römer, Student Staff Master Class Project

Speakers and Contributing Experts

Fee Altmann, Managing Director, Institute for Artistic Research, Arts Management & Creative Producing, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Filmmaker, Cameroon and Lecturer Duke University, USA
Prof. Angelica Böhm, Professor Fundamentals of Scenography, Transmedia Storytelling, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Tatiana Brandrup, Movie Director, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Angela Brennecke, Professor of Audio and Interactive Media Technologies / Directing Audio Processing, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Caspar Brötzmann, Electric Guitarist, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Buchan, Professor of Animation Aesthetics, Royal College of Art, London, Germany
Leo Calice, Landscape Designer and Filmmaker, Vienna, Austria
Dr. Julia Dittmann, Media Scientist and Lecturer, Braunschweig University of Art, Germany
Ruah Edelstein, Film Director, Animation Artist, Visual Artist and Lecturer, CalArts, Los Angeles, USA
Anja Ellenberger, Art and Film Historian and Curator, Hamburg, Germany
Uwe Flade, Music Video Director, 360° Experiences and Entrepreneur, Berlin, Germany
Carita Forsgren, Artist, Project Manager, Interactive Media Department, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Prof. Dr. Ursula Frohne, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Münster, Germany
Prof. Dr. Vittorio Gallese, Expert in Neurophysiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind and Professor of Psychobiology, University of Parma, Italy
Prof. Frank Geßner, Artist and Professor of Theory and Practice of Visual Art, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Gusztáv Hámos, Independent Media Artist, Filmmaker and Author, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Christian Iseli, Professor of Film, Institute for Performing Arts and Film, Head of Immersive Media Art Space, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
Evgeny Kalachikhin, Director, Editor, Colorist, VR Artist and Lecturer, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Christian Katti, Philosopher, Münster, Germany
Jeanne Koepp, Freelance Ceramicist and Artist, Berlin, Germany
Bärbel Mauch, Producer, Berlin, Germany
Lauren Moffatt, Artist, New Media, VR, Video and Performance, Berlin, and Lecturer, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Christian Möller, Academic Employee, Cinematography, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Bruno Nagel, Text, Performance and Installation Artist, Hohenstaufen and Berlin, Germany
Gülsel Özkan, Movie Director and Screenwriter, Berlin, Germany.
Dr. Vesna Petresin, Transdisciplinary Artist, Visiting Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, and Lecturer, Amsterdam University of Arts, Netherlands
Prof. Ludger Pfanz, Professor for Art and Cultural Management / Media Management, Karlshochschule International University, and Head of „Expanded 3 Digital Expanded Cinema Laboratory“, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Germany
Katja Pratschke, Independent Media Artist, Curator and Author, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Wolf D. Prix, Architect, Cofounder of Coop Himmelb(l)au, Vienna, Austria.
Prof. Hubertus Rath, Professor Sound for Picture, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christine Reeh-Peters, Junior Professor of Theory and Practice of Artistic Research in Digital Media, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Dr. Maike Sarah Reinerth, Academic Employee, Dramaturgy and Aesthetics of Audiovisual Media, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Prof. Uli Reuter, Professor of Film Music Composition, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Manuel Roßner, VR Artist, Virtual Sculpture, Immersive Technologies, Berlin, Germany
David Schornsheim, Sound Supervisor, Audio Programmer and Lecturer, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Prof. Susanne Schüle, Professor of Cinematography for Non-fiction Genres, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Robert Seidel, Transdisciplinary Artist and Curator, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Architect and co-Founder of Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin, Germany.
Johanna Smiatek, Independence Artist, Berlin, Germany.
Prof. Dr. Yvonne Spielmann, Institute of Professional Development, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Björn Stockleben, Professor of New Media Production, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Gerhard Treml, Visual Artist, Art-Based Researcher and Filmmaker, Vienna, Austria
Masha Vasilkovsky, Experimental Animation Artist and Lecturer, CalArts, Los Angeles, USA
Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Professor of Hybrid Space at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and co-Founder of Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Paul Ward, Professor of Animation Studies, Art University Bournemouth, UK
Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter, Professor of Artistic Research, Aesthetics of the Arts and History of Science, Film University Babelsberg, Germany
Christian Zipfel, Filmmaker, Fiction, Documentary, VR, Lecturer, Film University Babelsberg, Germany

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