Hybrid Space Lab @ Progressive Governance Summit 2022

Hybrid Space Lab is participating in the Progressive Governance Summit 2022 by the Progressive Zentrum on progressive politics.

Participation Progressive Governance Summit 2022 @ Progressive Zentrum, Haus Ungarn, Berlin, 13 October, 2022


Our planet is radically changing. From an inhabitable climate to threatened democracies, progressives must continue to win political majorities capable of swift and bold action.
This year our focus is on how progressive alliances can pull us out of our current crises and into a just and green political era.

From successful campaigns and coalitions, to narratives that win over hearts and minds, and policies that deliver on the promise of progress, the PGS is a space where progressive leaders work on building capacities to govern.
We organize the PGS, because our democracies cannot be taken for granted. We know that everything from fundamental human rights to a habitable planet depends on building progressive majorities, winning elections, and implementing successful policies. PGS brings together green, left, liberal, social democratic political actors in order to show solidarity and build alliances for a more equitable and green political era.

We also know that such a new era of politics cannot come soon enough. Looking back at the 2010s, we see a decade of existential threats to democratic institutions and norms across Europe and North America. Encouraging elections were won in the United States, Spain, Germany, Portugal – yet the turn of the decade also brought the pandemic, inadequate action against the climate crisis, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – challenging recent progressive electoral success. As we emerge from these crises, it is up to us to define a decade of progress – because while change is inevitable, progress is not.
Progressive Governance Summit 2022

Summit Talk

between Anne Applebaum and Chancellor Olaf Scholz


Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Germany
Ricarda Lang, Party Leader of Alliance 90/The Greens, Germany
Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
Stephanie Murphy, Member of the U.S House of Representatives, Democratic Party
Conor Lamb, Member of the U.S House of Representatives, Democratic Party
Jesse Klaver, Party Leader of the Greenleft, Netherlands
Gyde Jensen, Member of the German Parliament, Free Democratic Party
Reem Alabali-Radovan, Federal Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Germany
Magid Magid, Founder and Director, Union of Justice, United Kingdom


Thursday, October 13 2022

09.00 – 10.45
Opening and Keynote
with Anke Hassel and Michael Werz

Zeitenwende: The Left’s New Approach to Transatlantic Security
with Jesse Klaver, Lia Quartapelle, Weronika Grzebalska, and Wolfgang Schmidt

09.30 – 10.45
Political U-Turns: Justifying Radical Agenda Shifts
with Andreas Audretsch, Heather McPherson, and Niina Malm
Solidarity in Times of Crises: Alliances for a Social Europe
with Dirk Leuffen, Elisabetta Gualmini, László Andor, Philippe Pochet, Senna Maatoug, and Sharon Baute
Narratives that Renew the Promise of Progress
with Astrid Séville, Claudia Chwalisz, Liam Byrne, and Marcela Mulholland

11.00 – 12.00
Summit Talk: Olaf Scholz with Anne Applebaum
with Anne Applebaum, Katherine Viner, and Olaf Scholz

12.15 – 13.30
Places that Matter: Empowering Regions in the Global Economy
with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Anneliese Dodds, Conor Lamb, Maria João Rodrigues, and Niels Annen
The New Economics of Energy: Shaping Progressive Paths
with Miguel Matos, Paul Bledsoe, and Thomas Kralinski
Crashing the Party: New Voices for Resilient Partisan Politics
with Candice Kerestan, Daniela Ostrá, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, and Ria Schröder
From Dependency to Sovereignty: Entering a New Era of Globalisation (Invite-Only) with Dieter Janecek, Gyde Jensen, and Lars Castellucci

14.15 – 15.00
Future of Democracy
with Lisa Paus and Stephanie Murphy

15.15 – 16.15
Mayor’s Session
with Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook

16.30 – 17.45
The Future of Coalition Politics
with Brencia Berry, Dan Koivulaakso, Giacomo Filibeck, Paul Mason, and Sophia Marie Pott
New Urban Progress
with Katie Rosenberg and Ulrich Hörning
Fast-Tracking the Green New Deal
with Beata Maciejewska, Frederik Moch, Kim van Sparrentak, Magid Magid, and Sabrina Schulz
Cracking the Ceiling: Driving Equal Participation in Tech and the Economy
with Ann Cathrin Riedel, Fallon Wilson, Francella Ochillo, Kalinda Ukanwa, and Reem Alabali-Radovan

18.00 – 19.00
After Neoliberalism: Prioritising the Public Good
with Laleh Khalili, Anna Orosz, Philippa Whitford, and Ramon Marrades

19.00 – 20.15
Delivering on Justice and Climate: Progressive Leadership in Hard Times
with Hubertus Heil, Pamela Rendi-Wagner, and Frans Timmermans

20.30 – 21.15
Leaders Conversation

Closing Remarks
Wednesday, October 12

PGS22 Reception: Joining Forces (Invite-Only)
with Conor Lamb, Katarina Barley, Ricarda Lang, and Stephanie Murphy

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