Hybrid Space @ Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Keynote Hybrid Space @ Culture at dive in “new forms of artistic production”, the digital cultural innovation program initiated by the  German Federal Cultural Foundation, Bundeskulturstiftung.

Keynote Hybrid Space @ Bundeskulturstiftung, dive in “new forms of artistic production”, Halle an der Saale, Germany, 22 September 2021

Hybrid (combined physical and digital) forms of communicating and living together are rapidly developing. Our sense of reality is constantly constituted as hybrid – simultaneously online and offline, local and global, national and transnational, professional and layperson. Anchored and embedded in physical spaces, hybrid cultures are increasingly disseminated, shaped, and negotiated in trans-local media networks.

As digitisation supports hybridisation as the fusion of cultural creators and consumers (cultural co-creation) as well as the confluence of creative practices (post-media art), hybridity in art and culture is becoming increasingly important. Tapping into this creative potential in the fields of cultural production and artistic vision can therefore help us rethink social interactions in the age of the Digital.

Program for digital Interactions
German Federal Cultural Foundation

The distance requirement as a social framework in the corona crisis has massively changed social coexistence. Other forms of dialogue and exchange must be found and practiced if social cohesion in life is not to be jeopardized at a distance. It is becoming apparent that the digital space offers innovative possibilities for this that have not yet been exhausted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cultural institutions have been concerned with the ways in which they can from now on reach their audiences and interact with them: How can target-group-specific and active communication – as a format of participation or as artistic-participatory practice – be transferred to digital or in digital space expand? With “dive in. Program for digital interactions”, the Federal Cultural Foundation wants to support and motivate cultural institutions nationwide to respond to the current pandemic-related situation with innovative digital dialogue and exchange formats.

The program is aimed at contemporary cultural institutions of all artistic fields as well as memorials, libraries, socio-cultural centers, archives with archival material in artistic fields and at festivals. It would like to enable these institutions to implement innovative ideas and projects of digital communication by the end of next year, to try out formats for addressing a new audience, to experiment with new digital applications and to further develop existing offers. The Federal Cultural Foundation also wants to support them with the dive in program in combining analog and digital communication formats in order to enable new access to artistic productions as well as diverse forms of interaction with the audience and participation for users.

In addition to the program, the Federal Cultural Foundation organizes ideas workshops and workshops for nationwide knowledge transfer in order to flank the interdisciplinary development of digital communication concepts and their implementation in the cultural institutions. In July 2021, the Wolfenbüttel Federal Academy started a training program, which is intended to motivate and support the funded institutions in the sustainable digital transformation of their houses and the development of new opportunities. The HoloLabs – digital workshops that will take place on three dates in autumn 2021 – open the program to those interested and enable the exchange of current discourses and trends relating to digital art and education.

The Future is not Digital, Hybrid is the Future!

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